DANDAPANI : How To Control Your Energy (USE THIS to Improve Yourself)

You Might Not Succeed at First Continued

Feeling down and like you will never reach your goal? Here is a few people who will make you feel better!

Do You Need a Cheerleader From Time to Time?

Exercise your right to set a standard for yourself and then reach that standard with hard work and a set of goals. Being equipped with the right tools to knock down any obstacles.

Let’s Take a Look Now – Let’s Take a Long, Close Look at the Things That Bother Us

Things change by action. Things do not change by being bothered by them. That mind of ours is, oh, so tricky, isn’t it?

Happy Independent Thinking

Nothing ever stays the same, so when you do nothing you move closer to pain, dis-ease and even death. When you make empowered decisions and begin to make the right changes in your thinking and feeling, you move toward joy, health and bliss.

How to Have the Motivation to Keep Taking Action

Have you always tried to complete a project with a burst of enthusiasm at the start, and slowly find yourself losing the motivation and willpower to continue with the project? This is a very common problem with many people, but it is a simple problem to tackle. The problem is trying too hard.

Do Not Let Anyone Tell You That You Can Not Make a Million Dollars – Just Be Different

It only takes one bad apple to destroy a bunch of goals. Negative people thrive on you being like them. To make a million dollars requires only one quest and that is best defined by your ability to be different.

Focused Thinking is What We Need to Reach What We Want

Focused mind is what we need to turn our vision into reality. With a focused mind, we would definitely be able to move positively in our life.

Overcoming Adversity and Defining Wisdom in the Psalms

Crenshaw defined wisdom as, “The reasoned research for specific ways to ensure personal well-being in everyday life, to in some way make sense of extreme adversity and vexing anomalies, and to transmit this hard-earned knowledge so that successive generations will embody it — wisdom — is universal.” Find out how wisdom can help you overcome your adversity.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

I know a manager who had achieved a marvelous amount of change and influence over several years and lots of hard work. He had made his mark. He’d achieved everything there was to achieve. Another man had done the same thing; he’d achieved everything in his field of endeavor, a high profile and brilliantly successful sportsperson, and then something happened that brought it to an abrupt end — he grew content with what he’d achieved. Comfort zones are dangerous.

4 Powerful Ways to Boost Motivation

Motivation – four powerful ways to fire it up. Follow these steps to feel motivated to achieve your goal.

Staying Motivated After Eight Hours on the Computer

Do you have a job that requires you to be at the computer eight hours a day? To many people this sounds like a dream job, but when you work on the computer all day every day it can become tedious. Not only do you get bored of the same surroundings, you simply feel bored of sitting in front of the computer doing the same thing. When you sit in front of the computer for eight hours a day it can also cause your body to become quite uncomfortable, causing eye strain, neck and back pain, and even headaches. Those that work on the computer for eight hours a day really do need things to keep them motivated to stay sitting and to stay on task.

We’re All Creatures of New Habits

You know the expression ‘we’re creatures of habit’? It’s believed that change is difficult, perhaps even impossible, as we keep on with our old ways of operating in the world. But it’s important for many good reasons (such as changing what makes us miserable and staying young) to do new things. When we create new habits, our old ones don’t suddenly depart from us unfortunately! But the good news is that parallel synaptic paths are created when we do new things and that means our thoughts can jump onto the new tracks.

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