David Goggins MINDSET | How to Train Your BRAIN to Never QUIT!

5 Ways to Burn the Box

For years people have been telling us to think outside of the box. Or maybe you got excited the first time someone said “It’s time to move beyond the box,” well I say, let’s burn the box altogether and experience exponential growth and success in life!

Stop Procrastination With This Simple Tip

We have all thought about things we need to change about ourselves in order to have a better life. We all have bad habits or things that we wish we would do different but making those changes can be difficult. Working on self improvement is not as difficult as you may think it is.

Get Off Your Butt and Do Something

Every person is a god. This is a principle I live my life by. We are all capable of creating and destroying things.

Consistency is Key

If you want to do anything well you must be consistent in your efforts. If you want to do anything great you must be consistently great in your efforts and always looking to be and do better than the day before.

I Can’t Start an Online Business!

Really? Why not? Have you ever really sat down and thought about it?

One Tough Thing You Need to Do Today

My Diva Advice? You have to know how to REWARD yourself for doing the tough stuff! (Basically this is what any good sales manager excels at)

4 Tips to Work Through Tough Times

The end of 2008 has shown a very big truth in both personal and business endeavors: all earthly success and all material gain are temporary. What do I mean by this?

How to Be Disciplined About Anything

Why discipline is an amazing thing. It is not a rigidness, but instead it gives you freedom.

Life is Just Like a Ballpen Refill

Human life is compared with a ballpen refill. Like a new ballpen refill, life is initially full of enthusiasm. You can either use ballpen to draw zig-zag patterns & write meaningless ordinary things or write something that revolutionizes the world. So is the case with your life. You can make living as it comes or create a living that impacts the world.

Creating Your Best Life – Remember to Stretch

As my body ages, I grow more aware of the power and importance of stretching. At some point, it became a necessary part of any workout. In my twenties, I could dash-and-go, but now, if I skip the post-exercise stretch, I notice it. I lose flexibility, I don’t feel as good, and my workouts aren’t as effective. Post-workout stretching is now non-negotiable.

Finding Appreciation in Both the Simple and Complex

I have always felt blessed in some way. I believe this comes from being able to appreciate even the basic things life has to offer, while recognizing there are many things to be grateful for all around us.

Staying Motivated After the Conference High – 5 Tips to Maintaining Your Focus

Each day thousands of attendees leave conference halls feeling motivated to change their lives and implement new ideas. But for most, that enthusiasm wanes as the reality of every day tasks begins to creep in. Implementing new ideas becomes overshadowed by deadlines, soccer practice and dinner. Here are five quick tips to keep you motivated after the conference lights have gone down and the applause has stopped.

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