DEDICATED TO THE DREAM – Motivational Speech 2021

How To Help Parents Who Suffer From Loneliness

Most parents don’t end up spending much time alone, especially when their children are young. But, even if they never actually find themselves alone, these same parents are certainly susceptible to loneliness.

Manifest Success

Congratulations to those of you who understand the value of setting goals and creating action plans and timetables to inspire and guide you as you work to put your plans in motion. Note to self— recognize that in addition to working hard, you must also create conditions in your life that promote and nurture success. The most successful among us eventually develop what some call “enlightened self-interest” that encourages us to acknowledge our priorities and maintain boundaries in our personal and professional spheres. Some in your circle may become indignant when forced to honor your boundaries, but you’ll come to know who your friends are and who are not. Consider the process a character development and leadership lesson.

Message From the Universe: Here Is the Good and the Bad News

Be happy no matter what. You will always face a mix of good and bad news in your life, either it being your job, your health, family, friends, finances or whatever else. This is what life is all about. Don’t think that the rich and famous are waived from that instability. They face what you face but in much grander scale. Where you will lose 500 dollars, they will lose 5 million. It is all relative to how much you make. Don’t despair as changes are on the way. Keep on pushing forward and be happy.

Motivation: Can Someone Lose Motivation When They No Longer Feel Worthless?

When it comes to the difference between someone who values who they are and someone who doesn’t, there are number of things that can come to mind. What one could think about is how the former is not going to put up with bad behaviour.

Why the Idea of “Perfection” Is BS

Ever considered something perfectly flawless or strived for perfection in anything you did? Yeah, here’s why you shouldn’t.

If You’re Afraid of Failure, You Need to Read This

Why are we so afraid of failure? I mean, I know I’ve held myself back on account of fear more times than I’d like to admit. But what am I so afraid of? What is the worst thing that can happen if I step out and try something? Take a risk? Begin an adventure?

Tips to Keep You Moving Every Day: Motivation Vs Inspiration

What’s motivating you? And what’s inspiring you? They sound similar, but they are not. Here are the differences, and how they affect you and your happiness.

Get Out Of Neutral Because Life Is Too Short to Live In Neutral

Are you sick and tired of being stuck and letting your dreams pass you by? Staying in neutral gets you nowhere. If you don’t shift today you may never get to the next level of success. Life is too short to stay in neutral so get moving!

Why You Don’t Need Motivation to Be Successful

Are you in search of motivation to kick-start all of your wonderful plans and ideas and turn them into reality? Have you been waiting for years for that to happen, forever talking and thinking about all the things you would like to do and never doing anything? There is indeed a magical “pill” that can help you manifest your dreams but it is NOT motivation! Read on and you will find out what it is.

Motivation: Can Toxic Shame Cause Someone To Be Extremely Motivated?

If one was to look into what is takes to be successful, they may hear that they need to be motivated. As if they don’t have this, it will be a challenge for them to consistently take action.

The Procrastination Cure You Can’t Put Off Any Longer

There are certain bad habits that get all the attention. Look around, and you’ll see many warnings against smoking, overeating, binge watching TV, or drinking to excess. But there is one particularly nasty tendency millions of us share that doesn’t get a fraction of the attention it deserves – the habit of procrastinating on our most important tasks.Here are three steps you can take today to break your procrastination habit.

How To Step Up And Stand Out To Create A Life Full Of Meaning

A life of meaning becomes apparent by stepping up to play a greater version of your life. Commitment and passion are essential to living a complete life. One calls you to honour your path and the other to embrace the challenges that lie ahead. To play big in the game of life, one must take bold risks without retreating into the comforts of the known.

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