DEDICATION – Motivational Speech

Motivate & Develop Via Feedback

What is your experience of feedback at work, when you hear the boss say, “Come into my office, I have some feedback for you”? I know through my career, my experience has been, “What have I done wrong?” and my head and heart would go into defensive mode.

Reality Modifier Exercise

Here’s a really cool exercise that could answer many questions in your life and help thrust you into a new understanding of yourself. Enjoy!

Self Help Motivation – Here is the Best Way to Get What You Want!

How many of you struggle with self-help motivation in the areas of accomplishing your goals. Most New Year’s resolutions never get off a ground. If you want to get out of neutral, read on!

Anxious About Psychotherapy? 6 Sensible Reasons to Feel Confident & Find Your Psychotherapist Now!

Many people misunderstand what it means to be in psychotherapy. Because of this misunderstanding, they become fearful, cautious and hesitant to seek out help from a caring therapist, when that is exactly what they need. What a shame it is for those who sincerely need help, to be afraid to ask for it. The good news is that there are so many positive reasons for actually choosing to enter therapy and doing it today!

How to Find Your Life’s Passion When You Are Broke

Have you always had a problem achieving your goals? Do you feel like you have read every “How to” goal book ever written, but yet, you still fail at your goals? Perhaps the problem is not you, but your goals.

Six Tips to Motivate Yourself

The word “motivation” has different meanings for different people. One thing for sure is that you can’t buy a jar of it: it has to come from within yourself. Telesales professionals cold calling and prospecting for new customers need to be able to motivate themselves.

How to Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary

What words describe ordinary to you? Average, common, every day? What words describe extraordinary to you? Amazing, huge, above average!

Are You Stuck Working For a Jerk Boss?

With jobs today so hard to find, many of us are stuck at our current jobs. Our current recession is not looking too good at the moment and our hope for the future is up in the air. We are all making the best of what we have and sometimes that means putting up with jerk bosses.

Think Positive and Get Motivated

That depends on how you believe in yourself and abilities. I know that I can pass the exam because I already did my best by studying my notes and memorizing the given lessons. Worrying will only make me dull and forget all those memorized lessons.

5 Advantages to Having a Jerk Boss

It never fails, you find the perfect company, with the perfect salary, the perfect co-workers, and the boss turns out to be a jerk. But, working for a jerk does have its advantages:

When the Road of Life Gets Bumpy – Learn From a Bicycle Ride

I know that we all have times when we feel life is difficult and the journey can be bumpy. But I have found that traveling on the road of life is actually, amazingly similar to riding a bicycle. The following life principles are reflected in a bike trip and paying attention to these fundamentals of the journey may be helpful in attaining your goals and enjoying your life.

Scientific Truth About Motivation

One famous quote goes like this, “motivation is the fuel to success.” It is indeed interesting to study the psychology of our own minds, and how motivation work and push us. A study was done in MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States of America (USA) with a huge group of students.

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