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Completing Long Term Projects – Four Strategies For Not Quitting

When working on a long-term project and things get tough, you will occasionally be tempted to quit. The article outlines four strategies that will prevent you from quitting.

Life Experiences Can Act As a Catalyst For Success

The great reveal for my inspiration involves numerous second chances resulting in not taking life for granted. Examine your life experiences and see if they provide sufficient inspiration for your motivation to live your best life possible.

How to Get Your Self-Confidence Back by Taking Action

When life gets us down and we stop believing in ourselves and our self-confidence flies out the window, it is very difficult to move forward in our lives. We become trapped in our comfort zone, which leads to nowhere. We tend to focus on our troubles and forget about other parts of our life, such as taking action.

Achieving Mental Toughness

Former Australian cricket captain, Steve Waugh, was known as the ‘Iceman,’ due his ability to stay absolutely focused no matter the pressure upon him. For us, our need is no different.

How to Control Yourself

What happened to the memories of the good times when you laughed and enjoyed life? Remember the way it was before you lost control and messed up your life, what happened? Is that thing tormenting you, or is it still bothering you? Yes or no?

Things I Learn Being a Parent

I thought after school learning is over but I was wrong it was only the start of a much bigger and wider curriculum of life. It did give me more learning when our little angel came into our life. So what did I learn? A lot! Of course I’m still learning up to now and every day is a new lesson. Being a parent isn’t easy as you thought it is.

Positive Feedback is Vital

We all thrive on positive feedback. We need lots of positive ‘strokes.

A Sure Fire Formula For Success!

A money problem could mean you have too much money. An income problem could mean you do not have enough money. Financial Professionals advise people with money problems how to hold on to some of what they earn, so a fortune will not slip through their fingers. Money is only ten percent of affluence. Words are only ten percent of communications.

Abolish Stress! Face Reality and Take an Inventory of Yourself

Next time you feel stressed, do a reality check on yourself and see what you are made of. Take an inventory of yourself and look at your inner assets and liabilities.

Let’s Be a Good Merchant – 3 Basics For a Business Person

I have long been wondered why merchants, especially successful ones, are given some certain image of “Grumpy”, “Greedy”, “Cold Blooded”, “Suspicious”, “Sneaky”, and “Prejudiced” in many cases. Typical are “Scrooge” of “Christmas Carol”, “Shylock” of “Merchant of Venice”. Not just in classical stories, how about “Gordon Gekko” in modern movie “Wall Street”?

Running the Gauntlet Straight – Destroying Fear

JASON BOURNE is a character I love. The Bourne trilogy are not just movies to me, they’re visual reminders of a victorious way of living. No challenge is insurmountable to Jason Bourne and although I hear you say, “It’s just a movie,” I do contend; our world is often more make-believe than we’d think. Certainly this is true with fear.

Resisting the Resistance

Why do we always seem to resist the very thing we want most? What is up with that? Resistance manifests itself in many ugly ways, none of them helpful towards creating a full life you can love.

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