DISCIPLINE IS EVERYTHING – Very Powerful Motivational Speech

Motivational Story – The Incredible Power of Willingness

There was a man who was a resident in New York City and also a web designer. One day he took a subway in Brooklyn District to go somewhere. And when the train was on the way, he saw a girl, a drop-dead gorgeous girl not far from him.

Read This Before You Die

I was flicking through a catalogue of books recently and noticed an increase in the titles based on the theme of things you must do before you die. 1001 movies to watch, buildings to see, books to read and so on. I know it is all about marketing, but I did feel pretty downhearted to see that life seemed to become one long list of things you must do.

Keep in Touch With Your Dreams

Everyone has, or had, dreams. We dream of good things in our lives from childhood to adulthood and beyond. As a child we dreamed of bright shiny toys and as adults we may dream of a new home, a college education for the children or financial freedom. Usually those dreams stay with us as long as it takes for us to reach them. Then new dreams are formed to replace them.

Our Comfort Zone

I have had many jobs in the past and I never did like them. I liked the people I worked with and I usually liked those I worked for, but I didn’t like the type of work I was doing. It was a matter of immediate income and being able to pay the bills in a timely manner.

Wealth And The Pursuit Of Happiness

The road to success and wealth is narrow and not traveled as often as those who are content in their situation. Remember, the road you choose will be your experience for life’s journey. It’s important that you take the right road for once you get on it there is no turning back until you experience the effect of your choice. In every decision there is a consequence. Some are quick while others are long lasting, many affect others around you but all have an impersonal end result.

How To Get Your Motivation Seriously Kicked

I’ve thought about kicking peoples motivation that use my website. I’d change it to give them the option for a good motivation kicking. I would see if they are tracking and paying attention to their goals. If they weren’t?

Free Your Heart From Worries

We all want to be happy. That’s our final goal. Now, what does it mean to be happy for each of us? Many times we say to ourselves that we’ll be happy when we win the lottery, when we but “that” house, when we get “that” job, when “that person loves me. Can we be happy long before, that is, now?

How Much Are You Willing To Sacrifice?

Becoming a self made millionaire is a privilege few will ever realize, because so few will ever put in the work necessary. Few will ever develop the discipline or invest the required time.

Overcome The Phobia by Building Resistance

Phobia relates to fear developed by a person towards a particular thing or issue. Though it sounds weird, it is very natural for people to suffer from one or the other kind of phobias. For general people, phobia may sound silly, but that is the truth.

7 Barriers to Immigrants Success And How to Overcome Them

A negative person is anyone who creates doubt and fear in you and pours cold water on your dreams with the intention of bringing your plans to a grinding halt. They are people who have resigned themselves to living unfulfilled lives and whose negative comments, toxic attitudes or actions are designed to cause loss of confidence either in yourself or in your abilities-if you allow it!

Coaching For Motivation

How can we use coaching to bring about an immediate improvement in motivation? It it true that performance improves merely by being more attentive to people?

Motivation In Soccer – The Soccer Virus – Implications For Players, Coaches And Managers

Why do highly paid footballer struggle to show the passion and effort demanded by fans, managers and coaches alike? The problem is psychological and can be remedied.

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