DISCIPLINE YOUR BRAIN – 2022 New Year Motivational Speech

Self Motivation – Building The Techniques

There are many methods to build motivation in someone. The only lasting thing is self motivation. There are four techniques that anyone can use to build self motivation. This article will describe the four techniques in their priority order. These are quite simple techniques but powerful. If anyone follows them consistently, he or she should be able to keep the motivation level high at any time.

The Upside of Failure – Making Holes in the Broad Side of the Barn

Willingness to fail is what separates those who reach their dreams from those who don’t. Understanding why that willingness matters and how to increase yours will put you in the winners’ circle.

Your Life And You – Compatible?

Here’s a story for you. A newspaper I was reading talked about a Reverend Billy in the United States, who although no ordained minister, was out with his church choir every day, preaching against consumerism.

Just Keep Singing

What happens, in the business world, when someone else has picked your battle for you, and you must face it? What then? Do you run and hide by making up stories and excuses or blaming someone else, or do you stand your ground and fight? I say fight tooth and nail! Stand your ground and sing your song.

You Can Overcome Fear – Discover How To Silence Fears Forever

Are you letting fear stop you from doing what you want to do? Read on to discover how to silence fears forever.

How Can You Win If You Don’t Play? Moving From Fear Into Action

A distinct and thought-provoking approach to overcoming fear and inertia.

Finding The Buddha In You

Pause a while. Stop everything or anything you are doing or going to do now. Just sit in a calm place. Be comfortable. You can settle down in a chair, a sofa or even lie down on your bed. Shut your eyes, but don’t sleep. Think. Ask yourself, ‘What is the purpose of my life? What is it that I want from this life? Do sensuous pleasures keep me happy forever? Don’t I crave for more and ever more? Am I able to avoid pain and suffering that always accompany my life-long pursuit of power, money and pleasure? How can I really avoid pain and suffering? Is there a way out? What is true happiness? What is the message of the Buddha, the Enlightened One, and how does it help me in my life? Can I actually find the same kind of awakening that will free me from this compulsive pursuit of sensual pleasures that ultimately subject me to untold pain and suffering? How do I go about finding it anyway?’

Finding Morals In A Fast Paced World

With the speed in which today’s world moves it can be hard to have principles and remain loyal to morals. It seems that at every step of the way there is something tempting us off track and away from what we know is right.

Finding Determination

Determination is what gets us through life – it is what makes the difference between failure and success and how we make out in whatever we choose to do be it at work or in relationships. If you wish to succeed in life then all you need is determination and a strong character and you will be able to achieve virtually whatever you want to achieve in life. However, some of us seem to have more determination than others, for some it seems to come so very easy while for others we often feel as though we were left out when determination and will power were handed out. This is far from untrue and all you need is to look deep down inside yourself and give a tug and draw that side out, we all have it but some of us just hide it deep inside.

Do It Yourself Prison

I’ve done some work speaking in prisons and I gotta tell ya, they’re not that much fun. I’ve also done some work with people who have never been near a (real) jail…. yet in many ways, they are more ‘imprisoned’ that anyone I’ve ever met on the inside.

How a Holistic Approach Helps with Self Improvement

When we think of self improvement, we often focus on one area of our lives that is giving us the biggest problem. Finances, weight and relationships seem to be top of the list for many people. While focusing on problem areas with a view to solving them is certainly helpful and is far better than doing nothing, in the long term we will all achieve more on our personal development journey if we take a more holistic approach.

Taking Action

Have you ever been around someone that was inclined to take action immediately and always? It can be a great experience, but at the same time an embarrassing one…

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