DISCIPLINE YOUR MIND – Best Motivational Speeches Video Compilation

Optimism – A Key Guide to Life

Optimism – one of those things that we hear a lot about, but for many, it seem elusive. One more way to gain optimism.

Lesson Learned From A Magazine Stand

I was inside the 711 store to buy something for brunch. My eyes started to search for the perfect aisle with great foods to fill my hungry stomach. While I was browsing each stand with breads and cookies and tunas and instant noodles, I saw this magazine stand with some latest and catchy magazine covers available for this month. I started picking some magazines, and started those that captured my being and caught my attention. I forgot that the reason why I was in that store is to buy something to eat.

Motivation: Tell Yourself the Truth

There were days I never knew that I had so much to give. I thought I was just like any other person who is there waiting for life to come out and tell the person what to do. Tell yourself the truth.

Motivation, How To Keep It

Questions about motivation, are some of the most common questions I get asked. People frequently ask how to keep themselves motivated. Motivation is personal and truly only comes from within.

Stop Procrastination – Turn Off The TV

Often when we don’t feel like doing anything the TV is an all-too welcome distraction. Watching something mildly educational on TV can be a convenient excuse for not getting on with the gardening, the report, the housework, the essay, the finances or any of the other list of ‘to dos’ we have gathering dust. So how do we stop procrastination?

Getting Yourself Motivated – Finding Your Way Through ‘The Drudgery’

There are many things that can de-motivate us in life. One of those I call ‘the drudgery’. The drudgery is what you come back down to when the novelty of a new experience wears off. It’s when you face difficulty in getting yourself motivated, and don’t want to do the things you’ve tasked yourself with. This article will give you some tips to help you get yourself motivated and find your way through the drudgery.

How Bad Do You Want Something?

The mind is an amazing tool in the kit that we are born with. You need to use it to your full advantage though.

How to Jumpstart Your Day With a Motivational Jolt!

Learn how to jumpstart your day with a motivational jolt! “Get up and Get Happy” results in motivation, less stress, and a more productive day.

Motivation Comes From Doing

Many people mistakenly believe that motivation comes from something outside of themselves. This simply isn’t the case. Most people are surprised to learn that motivation actually comes as a result of doing. But this is almost always the case.

Become a Real Man – The First Step

This article is designed to help you learn to be a MAN. Read it, memorize it, indoctrinate yourself, so you never forget what you have to let go of to be a Man. If you’re trying to become a MAN and not doing this, you might as well just give up.

Tips to Motivate Lazy Colleagues

An office worker may hope to never have to know how to motivate lazy colleagues, but too often the situation is an unfortunate reality. Having lazy co-workers can result in a generally under-productive office, an unpleasant working environment, and various nuanced consequences within the realm of interoffice relationships and project management.

Personal Development – How I Developed My Charisma From an Early Age

Charisma described as charm, allure, personality or appeal is a quality that will work for you and position you in the line of opportunity. Take a good look at most successful people and you will discover that they possess charisma and not in small amounts but in large doses. I believe you can work on your charisma and begin to attract opportunities of a lifetime. Opportunities are shy and choosy. They will gravitate towards the right person.Charisma described as charm, allure, personality or appeal is a quality that will work for you and position you in the line of opportunity. Your life will attract good opportunities all the time. I do not as yet claim to have attained it, but I am working on it and have been doing so for many years.

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