DISCIPLINE YOUR THINKING | Best Motivational Speeches Compilation

Lord Nicholas Stern Kt – A Motivational Speaker

His most recent works include The Stern Review a review of the economics of global warming commissioned by the British Government and published in 2006. Widely acclaimed by many of his colleagues, it generated a sense of shock and horror in those less familiar with the subject as he likened the potential economic damage as greater than the combined effects of World War I, World War II and the Great Depression of 1929.

Jose Maria Figueres Olsen – A Motivational Speaker

With a unique insight into global politics, climate change and business, Jose Maria Figueres Olsen is an accomplished public speaker who is still active in the international arena. His passion is with sustainable development and technology.

If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going You Won’t Get Lost

A policeman pulled me over one day and asked me where I was going. I thought I’d test his sense of humor, and said I didn’t know. He was too smart for me, and said “In that case sir, you won’t get lost. Good day sir, and enjoy your trip.”

Do You Know What “Motivation” Really Means?

Chances are you think of something very different than what the dictionary originally intended for us to think. Change the way you think of what a motive is, realize that motivation is already a part of you when you may think it’s not… and perhaps your need to ‘find motivation’ won’t be so necessary.

Why Taking Risks Makes Me a Better Person

I take risks everyday, many of them known and some of them unknown. When do I know I am taking a risk? When I fear the outcome!

This Movie Is Guaranteed To Keep You Motivated

If you haven’t seen it yet, you don’t know what you are missing out on. It’s only short in length, but boy is it inspiring. It is truly the hottest motivational promo on DVD. If you have already seen it, then you know exactly why it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Short Life Quotes to Increase Your Intelligence

What is intelligence? It is about making your mind learn new things. It’s about having strong communication skills. It’s about thinking in a way that has never ever done before.

What is Motivation and How Do I Use it to Achieve My Goals?

Are you a motivated individual? Do you decide what you want, and then work hard towards getting it?

How to Become a Volunteer From Home

Volunteering is something that many of have said we’d like to commit to, but unfortunately lack the luxury of time, motivation and means to do so. With the economy being unstable, it becomes harder and harder to break away from our habits and busy lifestyles to give to others or our community. So with this in mind, the question becomes, “How do I contribute without heavily altering my lifestyle?”

Seeing the “Unseen You”

Taking stock of yourself is an important, ongoing career school in any job. The ability to take good stocks of your skills, abilities, attitude and behavior can be learned and cultivated. Successful career professionals can understand and lead others because they understand and value themselves. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and not only accept them but also select ways to be more effective. They have learned to integrate and enhance their natural learning preference.

Are You Doing Your Part to Build a Better World?

Here’s a big question… Are you building a bigger and better world? Are you doing your part?

Nothing is Better Than Practice

Concentrate your attention upon what you need to acquire. This will be in virtually any area in your life whether it consists of becoming a good mother or father, a donating representative with the neighborhood or possibly a coach of the…

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