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Enjoy Your “Right Now” Journey

Sometimes in life we need to change our focal point. Instead of focusing so intently on our destination, we need to enjoy the wonders of the journey. For instance, some people are so focused on retirement that they don’t stop to celebrate the milestones along the way. Others eagerly wait for payday and don’t profit from those valuable lessons between paychecks. What has your focus?

How to Become Persistent

Introduction to Persistence. My workout at gym class yesterday was nothing special; I went there at 4 just like I’m used to, and came back at 6 as I do every time. I pumped weights and did everything like I do every time. The only different thing about yesterday’s gym class was that my leg was in a cast because of a sprained ankle!

Procrastination – Is it Procrastination Or Just a Simple Subconscious Fear?

The term procrastination is widely used to cover a multitude of problem, often disguising the real problem. In this article I look at how you can identify the real problem and then motivate yourself to achieve your dreams.

Motivational Techniques

When an individual sets any goal, it is important for him or her to find an appropriate motivation. Motivation can act as an incentive to help a person achieve a goal; this is especially true for eating healthy and exercising. Having a long-term motivator will make it much easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle for a long period.

The First Step to Getting Anything You Want in Life

All the successful people I have met in life have got one thing in common; the desire to be more than they are and the absolute hate of what is less. Therefore for one to achieve any form of success, he must badly desire it and badly hate his current status. I am talking about A BURNING DESIRE.

More is Expected

To whom much is given, much is expected. The one who created you, know what He has deposited in you. He knows what He has invested in you and how far you can go.

Get Motivated at Will

In this article, I show you how to get inspired and motivated no matter how out of energy you feel. I’ll show you how You can put yourself into that state where you feel your creativity flowing through you, at will, whenever you want.

Motivating the Youth of Tomorrow

In this modern age, youth are getting more and more easily distracted and lack the acceptance that they need to function as leaders for tomorrow. In my regular day job, I’ve found that less students and youth actually have a clear direction in what they intend to do for their life. It’s somewhat worrying and appalling at the same time.

Tell Me, What Does it All Mean?

The essence of midlife is a huge paradigm shift. The essence of a midlife crisis is the refusal to change. The only question is, “Will you take responsibility for your life?”

To Men Who Want to Do Something Good – But Can’t Get Started

Women marry men and hope they will change; and they don’t. Men marry women and hope they won’t change; and they do. Seems we both get disappointed somewhere along the line.

Home Business Success is Determined by Your Mindset and Personal Development

I’m writing this article to share with you a topic that will determine your success in any home business. At the end of the article I’ll suggest where you can find more information that will improve your chance for success.

There’s Only One Day

Are you sure you are living your life to the fullest? Are you sure that nothing is going unnoticed…even as you read this?

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