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6 Steps to Overcome Procrastination While Building Your Confidence

The number of people who continually put off that exact same task for a second or even third day is a whopping 20%, making one-fifth of the population chronic procrastinators. If you are one of this large percentage, you probably have tons of good excuses why things can wait.

Sources of Motivation For Achieving Your Success

There are many factors that determine success; however, the biggest obstacle for success is the lack of motivation. This article shares with you where to find some of the sources for your motivation.

Winning – You Must Keep Evolving

In the game of life, you are either evolving or dissolving. Life itself is not static and so cannot support a lack of movement. You must always strive to ensure that you re-invent yourself and re-align your mindset with the changing times. These are the principles upon which you can succeed and sustain any success.

How to Procrastinate Well

When you think of the term procrastination, negative thoughts usually come to mind. But did you know that there are good ways to procrastinate that can actually make you more successful than you already are? Experts say that it just depends on what you’re putting off until the next day. You are essentially a bad procrastinator if you avoid big, important tasks; you are a good one if you delay the smaller menial tasks. Let’s take a closer look on how we can perfect our procrastinating skills to become better human specimens.

Do What You Love

Finding and successfully being able to work your passion is what many are not able to do. However your deepest core desire passion, will emerge if it’s strong enough because whatever comes in the way of what’s in your heart will always surface sooner or later.

Understanding Human Motivation

Ever wondered What Carries People To The Top? What makes people tick? Experts say the answer lies in understanding Human Motivation. Rightly said by the renowned Industrialist Andrew Carnegie “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity.”

Ten-Figure Guide – When the Going Gets Tough

“When the going gets tough – the tough get going!” While some cliches grow stale with time, others grow brighter with use. This one fits in the latter category. For most people in our country today, the going is tough and getting tougher. At least as far as the economy is concerned. Many families are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to make ends meet.

Four Ways to Remain Motivated When You Feel Like You’re a Failure

At one time or another most of us have failed at something we have attempted. We have been unsuccessful in achieving our intended goals with varying degrees, sometimes only narrowly and sometimes by a long chalk. The good thing to come out of failure is to use such experiences to become a stronger and better person.

Self-Motivation – Learn Something New With Self-Directed Learning and Get a Vision For Your Future

Everyday life has a way of dulling down our senses. This leads to a spiritless state of mind that just languidly accepts living day in and day out without ever getting motivated to change for the better. But the truth is the battle is only lost when you stop fighting. It’s time to stop being a mere spectator, to take action, and to flow with God’s program for your life. And the best way to revive those dreams He put in your heart is by determining to learn something new related to them.

What Are Your Values?

Do you know what you value most in life? Do you live according to these values?

End Procrastination With Do it Now Power!

Learn a simple strategy to break the dreaded noose of procrastination. Procrastination destroys marriages, careers, and even your health.

Stay Fit For Life – Take A Daily Trust Walk

Trust is an issue for most of us. There are three major elements of the Trust Walk: 1. Trust Yourself 2. Trust the Divine 3. Trust your Intuition.

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