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Good Reasons To Motivate Yourself

We all need motivation in our lives. Growing up we all hear from our parents,”You need some form of motivation.” Kids are not the only ones. We all need to be motivated. My articles express that if you want to succeed, motivation is needed. I show how to get there using positive self-talk.

Motivation Through Faith

How do you get from point A to point B in your life? I hope that it is not by sitting there waiting for life to hand your next action step to you on a golden platter. What you need to do is take action and that action works off a little ideal called “faith”.

Is It Easy To Stay Motivated?

OK, everybody has bouts of motivation and then it goes again – the real question is, how to stay motivated? Here area a few motivational tips to help you through those times when you are doing something else other than that!

The Power Of Determined Intent

Sure, we all can be definite and follow through, but do we? Here is an article that will motivate you to do so and myself too, as we all teach what we need to learn!

Life Motivation: You Only Live Once

You only live once, so your life is special. It is unique and precious. Once it is done, it is done. Furthermore, once each moment is done, it is done. You cannot get back your life, and you cannot get back your moments so you might as well make them count.

Motivation and Fear: The Importance of Both

Robert Kennedy once said, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” This profound statement may seem simple, but there is much more to it than meets the eye. This statement hints at the reality that motivation and fear can be closely linked.

Motivation – Keeping Yourself Motivated Around The Clock

Have you ever felt the need for inspiration? Has motivation ever run out on you? If there was a way to harness the power of motivation and follow-through, how quickly would you reach out and grab a hold of it? Discover how you can use the hypnotic power of symbols in your everyday life to keep you motivated around the clock.

The How Of Hypnosis, Especially Self Hypnosis

Information on why self hypnosis is so successful and how it can allow you to gain control of your life. You can feel and look better by eliminating undesirable habits, plus you will become healthier in the process. With self hypnosis you can also change personality traits such as shyness and procrastination using deep relaxation and scripts for hypnosis. Scripts are statements that you repeat to you subconscious while in a state of relaxation. Improve your health and overall well being by using self hypnosis.

Staying Motivated – The Benefits of Being Proactive

Motivation is the inner drive that we use to persist with our goals. Learn how to use motivation to succeed in anything you do.

17 Focused Words to Terminate Fear NOW

Let’s talk about words. It’s important to understand that the words that you speak predict your results. If you say that you are depressed, then you will reap those results. If you say that you are a champion, then your results will be life-changing. You automatically take ownership of your words, and things start to occur in your life because of those words – good or bad.

5 Decisions to Shred Fear Out of Your Life

I have personally witnessed thousands of people worldwide imprisoned by fear. They are trapped behind the bars of not being worthy of success and shackled to their past mistakes. Are you one of those prisoners? Have you been wrongly convicted and given a life sentence by the enemy of fear? It’s time for you to break free!

Creating Change: Are Excuses Getting in Your Way?

What’s your excuse? Mine usually is that I am too tired, or I don’t have time. We make excuses to hide from our inadequacies- our perceived inadequacies that is. We spend far too much time worrying about how we look to others- how they view us.

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