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The Six Reasons Why You Are Not Fulfilling Your Potential

The person who can change you is in the mirror. Build your self-belief. Set yourself clear goals and measure progress against them. Push yourself outside your comfort zone.

The Power of the Master Mind

Last week I was in Tucson, AZ working with my business coach and a couple of my master mind colleagues. We get together a couple of times a year, in person, and regularly (on the phone) to discuss our businesses, plan, work through challenges and stay focused in creating results and outcomes in our companies.

Procrastination Help – 5 Tips on How to Avoid Procrastination

You get to hear this term so often, but what is procrastination? We all do it once in a while but if we do it too often we need to get strict with ourselves and seek out procrastination help.

Get it All Done – 5 Simple Steps to Getting Things Done

Do you need motivation to get things accomplished? These five simple steps will put you well on your way to getting things done!

How to Stop Procrastinating and Take Action

Everyone’s done it. You’ve got something you have to do, but there are all these other ridiculous activities that are suddenly so appealing. YouTube, Facebook, twitter, doodling… what do you do when your procrastinating? Ok so we know what procrastinating is, so how do we stop it and do what we need to do?

Ambition – Is it Enough?

Ever wanted something really badly? Maybe it’s a promotion at work, maybe it’s some sort of glamorous award, maybe it’s a donut! Well maybe not, but ambition is what is going to drive you towards that want. But is that enough?

Breaking Away and Making a Change

Do you have a hard time making changes? Even when you know you need to make a change and you know EXACTLY what to do, do you still hesitate? When you do finally make the change, what is it that moves you to action?

Want Self Help Motivation? Your Attitude is Everything!

Are there times when you feel hopeless, out of control and all your self help motivation disappears? If so, at those times which end of the spectrum do you relate most do? Putting your head under the pillow and hiding from the world or do you stand up and declare–this situation is not going to beat me–and continue on your chosen path. Whatever end of the spectrum you fall on, the most important thing to remember is that your attitude is everything. Keep in mind that, no matter how awful situation seems, you have the last word about how you will react and how the situation will affect you.

The New School Year – An Opportunity to Excel

When you set a goal, it must be personal. No matter how important a goal may be to a parent, spouse, teammate, teacher, or employer, unless the goal is important to the individual setting the goal, then they are not going to commit to doing what it takes to complete the task.

The Difference Between Motivation and Empowerment

The difference between Motivation and Empowerment is the difference between the people who have dreams and the people who are living their dreams. People who are living their dreams have inner fire, core strength, a plan of action and are on track.

Fear Is Contagious On The Phone

Fear is the most contagious emotion there is. Emitting fear on a cold call is contagious to the call recipient and prompts defenses to escalate.

Ten Rules to Live By

It was at that moment in my life that I knew I had to create some rules that would govern how I live my life. It meant that I would be in the flow of life and find serenity and inner peace every day. I hope you can use these rules as a personal guide towards achieving your own happiness and inner peace…

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