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The Power of Focus

Do you need help in staying focused in your home business? This article will give some good support on the benefits of being focused.

How To Quit Smoking And Feel Great About It

How does your throat feel the day after a night of heavy smoking and drinking? What about your endless coughing? Did you sleep well or did you toss and turn most of the night, your chest feeling tight?

The Power Of Decisions – Part 1

The most powerful way to shape our lives is to start taking actions. Results of actions for different people will be different because they might have done some thing different from others in the same scenario.

Stop Wanting and Start Believing

Living in Los Angeles one often encounters individuals who want to be FAMOUS! Dreams of being a hero on the cinema populate their thoughts. Wanting to attend lavish parties, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, and being interviewed by “Entertainment Tonight” are long on the mind. Unfortunately, the goal always seems to be just out of reach and you are left with one thing: WANTING.

The Fear Factor – Is It Holding You Back From Living?

We all have fears of some kind. Some have fears of heights, some fear of water. There are many who have fear of spiders, flying, being alone,dying, mice, thunder and lightening,and the dark. It is human nature to have fears; this is something that we have developed during our childhood for one reason or another. These fears seem real, so they are not easily dispelled.

Decide in Favor of Your Greatness

Are you indecisive? Make the decision to be decisive, empower yourself, and step into greatness!

100% Is Easier – The Lessons of Raw

A few years ago when I was in training, I remember one of the leaders saying that it is easier to give 100% – easier than 95%, or anything less than 100%. That resonated for me. In the moment, I knew the truth of it but put it into some “future query file.

Motivated to Pursue Happiness

A word or two is all it takes to motivate the mind to chase your desires. For some reason the human mind tends to show great interest in words that are spoken directly to it, on the other hand the human body tends to move in the direction that the mind is going.

In Life There Is Always A Choice – What’s Yours?

Mundane our lives may be, the fact is all men can choose to live the way they want provided that they faced up to their fears and weaknesses. In this article, the author explains why we have to accept who we are if we are to scale to greater heights.

Finding the Motivation to Get Things Done

Do you have a hard time being motivated to do much of anything? Or, are you one of those people who can only seem to be motivated to do the things that you really want to do but everything else seems to fall by the wayside?

Stop Procrastinating Today!

Procrastination can do away with the best laid plans, yet we are all guilty of procrastinating from time to time. This is just the way the human mind deals with some things, be it because they are overwhelming or just require more focus or energy than we are willing to give at any one time. If procrastination is something that you want to do away with, you don’t have to only wish for it to be, you can make it a reality through procrastination affirmations.

What? Luck Comes from Hard Work?

It is easy to be scared of real work. Thomas Edison, American inventor said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

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