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Safety is a State of Mind and Proper Training

An essay on essentials to creating safety consciousness in the home and the workplace. To create a safe environment, the proper state of mind and the proper training are required.

You Can Have More Energy!

Whatever it takes, just do it! Make yourself take time out and get away from the pressures of work. You’ll feel better, be more productive and enjoy better physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Christ Benoit, His Success, His Tragedy

There are many examples of the celebrities who we think should have had everything in life but still commit a serious act which results in tragedy. This article is on how we can really deal with serious problems without damaging your own future.

What Motivates People to Change?

Learn what prevents people from changing behavior and what best motivates them to change.

Free Your Conscious Mind For Subconscious To Work

You can be happy to know that to be successful, it is really essential to take more time for enjoyable diversion, instead of working longer and harder. Working smarter means working with your whole mind. Don’t do more work with your conscious mind than is necessary or you are wasting energy. Hold your mind on what you intend to manifest and then go do something else.

18 Good Thoughts For People Laid Off

Layoffs are rarely pleasant. It’s a send off that opens the door to the great unknown, and it can bring an end to relationships, routines, a way of life and income streams. Not everyone initially responds positively, and you can’t really expect they would. But a positive response sooner than later, greatly influences just how soon you get back on track. It’s a matter of looking for the agreeable middle ground, and knowing how to leverage your resulting career contentment.

Stop Interrupting Me With Your Logic – I’m Having a Breakdown

Being the (wanna-be) alpha-male warrior that I am, I need to be careful when I explore the emotional stuff… wouldn’t wanna be labeled as an emotionally-disconnected, insensitive, hard-core boofhead.

Embrace Change

Embracing Change can sometimes be hard for us as we associate change with the unknown. And sometimes the unknown is terrifying or disturbing to our inner world. As we live our inner world we create our outer world. How can we Embrace Change in a time where a big shift in our life is taking place?

How to Turn Around Life’s Negative Outcomes

When the negative happens to you (and you know it will) the best you can do is accept it, without regret, without fear, without doubt, without any negativity.

Life…By Your Own Design – Creating a Conscious Custom-Fit

Engineers, designers, and builders work from blue-prints … maps of what they want to create. Your life needs that, too. Let’s call it a life custom-tailored to your desires, your requirements, with reliable reserves and sensible safeguards already built in.

Motivation at Work

Does this sound familiar to you when you hear it? “I hate my job, I hate getting up early and driving to work, I hate working, but I have got to pay my bills.” You lacks motivation and you will continue to be unhappy until you fulfill the void in your life. Motivation is a concept used to explain why you do what you do. No one can motivate you, it is an inside job that you must do yourself. You can be motivated by…

Detours and Distractions

There will be times when certain circumstances may cause a detour in your life. It’s important to be aware of these distractions, but never let them take you off your chosen road. One way of recognizing that you are probably on the wrong road is by how you are feeling.

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