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Motivation Is The Power

How well do you know yourself? Are you motivated? Do you understand what is this emotion called motivation is. Well, you are not alone. Motivation comes from within each one of us.

Learn To Motivate Yourself

What is this thing we call motivation. Children hear all the time. “You need to motivate yourself”.

Dream Till You Drop Dead! DTYDD!

Dreaming is practicing the faculty of imagination, and life is all about imagination and creation. Our whole universe is all about imagination and creation. No matter how far fetched your dream is, continue to dream it.

Brotherhood: The Spirit That Can Change Our World

Life can really be lived to its fullest, with maximum success if we work together and help each other achieve individual and collective goals, maximizing our united potential in the process. One very key thing, which has been proven realistically, is the fact that “pulling down the man at the top does not often take you to the top, but working together with him gets you closer to the top”.

Flip Sides to Handling Success

Success is often referred to as the achievement of an earlier set goal, meeting a set target or scaling a hurdle. Any other situations that have semblance to the earlier stated could also be said to be synonymous to our theme of discussion. This is often used in relative terms as different situations can throw up quite varying contexts eventually leading to the endpoint called success. For example, a boy who beats his peers in a spelling bee competition would equally be referred to as successful, even when compared to a two hundred and fifty man army that has just conquered an enemy twenty-five thousand man strong; yet both of these would look dwarfed by the situation where a country as small as Niger were to win a world war against an allied force of the strongest world powers. This signifies that as much as success could come on different scales, it does not take away the fact that it is success all the same.

How To Handle Procrastination And Unleash Your Greatness

Do you want to learn the techniques how you can handle procrastination and unleash your greatness to accomplish amazing things in your life? Procrastination is one of the most powerful killers that will prevent you from getting what you want. Most people fail to achieve their dreams and their goals simply because they procrastinate and are not doing anything about what they want.

How to Forgive Yourself and Be Happy?

John has cheated on his wife a few years ago and he can never forgive himself for what he has done. He says he will never forgive himself for his behavior, for hurting his wife, and for not being loyal to her. Kelly came home tired and frustrated from her job. She started yelling and screaming at everyone in the house. When she calmed down a few hours later, she started to feel guilty and she wanted her family to forgive her for her behavior.

Karma and the Secret

Karma and the Secret are directly related concepts, interlinked in a obvious yet subtle way. The ancient Indian religion of Hinduism teaches us that karma is the result of cause and effect or as we in the west know it ‘You reap what you sow’.

Success, Where Is It?

First and foremost what is success? It’s likely that what most consider ‘success’ is really the benefits of successful completion of a set or series of goals. You want success, but there are things you must do to achieve it, that being successfully completing the set or series of goals that lead to the success. To achieve success we must first successfully complete the goals.

Tired of the Blahs?

Bring some warmth to your life. Get rid of the blahs by discovering and enjoying your passion.

Care Services Inspiration for a Foot in the Right Direction

I am scared. A colleague at work, a young man in his 30’s, has been diagnosed with cancer. He returned from India complaining of stomach pains and didn’t think much of it. So why has this person and the care services inspired me so much?

4 Steps to Make Things Happen

Think about where you want to be and then put to work the actions that will get you to that place. Make your wants a reality in just four steps.

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