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5 Motivational Quotes For Athletes

Over the years many different individuals have given athletes motivational quotes that have helped them to press and move forward. While some may have seemed so simple, others are designed to help them grow and become stronger as a whole. They have given athletes that push that they need to win that race or score those extra points.

Knowing Your Own Motivating Pattern is Key to Success in Life

All of us have different motivational pattern. Understanding of the pattern we follow when we feel really motivated is crucial to succeeding in the goals we set for ourselves.

You’re Never Too Old For New Skills

If you thought developing work skills was exclusively for young whippersnappers, think again. You don’t even have to be looking for a new job to want to build your skills. You may be a successful, established professional over 40, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue developing skills.

Magic Moments

If you can truly get in to the current moment and experience it to the full then you will have a magical experience. Anxieties, worries, stress and unhappiness all occur when you step out of the current moment in to the past or project in to the future.

Five Tips on Getting Things Done Right Now

One of the excuses that we use to procrastinate is that we forget what we have to do. If you decide to do things right now, you will not have time to forget. As soon as you take on a task, do something that gets you closer to completing it.

Is it Ever OK to Procrastinate?

As much as we fight the urge to procrastinate, there are some times when it is OK to take it slow. In this article, we look at procrastination from a different perspective and we make a choice.

Do You Suffer From the “Wizard of Oz” Syndrome?

You have seen “The Wizard of Oz”, haven’t you? Like at least once or twice?

How to Be a Better You

Learn tips that, if followed, will make you a better person. These tips will teach you how to live life fully.

The Reality of Energy

Quantum physics is the study of how the world works on the smallest scale, at a level far smaller than the atom. Within quantum physics is the realization that everything is energy. And energy and matter can be transformed back and forth into each other.

Have No Attachments

These three tips will help you live life fully. They are tips I use to live life authentically.

How to Stop Chronic Laziness

Want to know how to stop chronic laziness? This article will share some tips on how to get your life together.

Intrinsic Motivation and Competence

Okay how do we motivate ourselves from within? When we were children, maybe we tried to learn something new like riding a bike. When after having learned it, perhaps unconsciously, we reaffirmed ourselves-we say to ourselves we have learned something new and challenging. We have become competent.

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