Do You Need a COLLEGE DEGREE in Entrepreneurship to Get RICH?

The Great Expedition

How is the morning commute going lately? If you are like most people…you probably commute about 50-60 miles a day. We are facing frustrated and often angry commuters and must be prepped with the latest in defensive driving techniques.

How to Stay Motivated All the Time

We all have those times when we just want to give up or go lay down on the couch instead of doing what we know we need to do. We look at our to-do lists and our sticky notes and want to throw up. A great way to get through these moments is to follow a few of these tips: Use Affirmations: When you feel like you’re overwhelmed, take a moment to do some positive affirmations. They help give you a quick boost when you need it. People always ask me, how to stay motivated and avoid procrastination and I tell them to simply use quick affirmations. Take a break from work and just do 5 or 6 affirmations.

Can You Turn Your Skills As a Voracious Reader Into Those of an Excellent EBook Writer?

Have you ever read a novel and then thought that the story could have been better developed or that a certain change of events in the story would have made for a much better ending? Well, obviously you have if you read as much as I do, but have you ever considered that you could have written the novel better yourself? So many folks are voracious readers and many read 2-3 books a week and yet they never contribute one work to the rest of humanity.

1 (Passion) + 1 (Power) + 1 (Purpose) = 111 (Means a Whole Bunch of Passion, Power and Purpose!)

Live according to your purpose, and you’ll discover a natural passion for life; and within that, you’ll feel a great deal of personal power. If you want to feel totally empowered, learn who you are and be 100% of you 100% of the time!

Developing Long Term Desire

How do you keep your desire for something? What is it that drives you crazy with that “white hot” burning desire? There are things that we just want in life. However, it is not in our nature to want to WORK. Desire can be programmed in your mind. There is no in-bred key to creating desire.

Step Into the Fear

There’s no feeling like it. It is real and it is powerful. It creates intense physical sensations that cause our brains to scream “RETREAT”! It is also useful because it keeps us alert and keeps us safe. It is the emotion of fear and it has been one of my greatest adversaries.

Turn Your Commitment Around

How many of you have made a commitment to lack, despair, or better yet to what is not going your way? Most individuals are heading in the wrong direction making many wrong turns and following many detours, instead of making a commitment to what it is they truly want. Many set goals, write our their wishes and have great intentions but than do not follow through and focus on a daily basis with what needs to get done in order to make it happen.

Our Earnest Prayers

No one knows the right time, no one knows the proper time. All we do is do the best we can and pray our best counts, and pray that we don’t work against our time and our time against us. So we do the best we can and hope the best comes out of.

Let’s Be Glad

once there is life, hope is always intact. The challenges we face on a daily basis do not give us reasons to be happy but, we still have to remain positive with a glad heart.

Let’s Live Well For Tomorrow

No one knows what tomorrow holds. And no one can tell what tomorrow will put on. Let’s treat each day with the respect it really deserves and let’s always respect each day as it unfolds. Each day has its uniqueness and should be treated uniquely.

What Keeps You Motivated to Build and Improve Your Counseling Practice?

Now that you’re in the process of building and/or enhancing your counseling practice, you have to stay motivated. Having something to hold onto may help maintain your inspiration and keep you motivated to market your way to your ideal practice!

Best Encouragement Words in Time of Need

Life throws everything at us and we are expected to take it all. We are expected to accept the failures, the shame, the pain and we have to accept the loss of people close to us. We have to hang in there and call it experience – for how long! Let me share words of encouragement briefly about this important issue and may be you will find answers in your time of need.

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