Doctor Reveals How Water Fasting Unlocks Secret Healing Powers | Dr. Alan Goldhamer on Health Theory

Only You Can Sabotage Your Dreams

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried. We live in a world of visionaries and dreamers who excel and become successful people.

How To Become Successful At Anything You Do

Have you ever wonder how your life would be once you get to the top? Do you have goals you would like to accomplish? To find out how simple it is to have anything you want, read this and you’ll find out how.

I Hate Procrastination! Why You Should Too, How to Overcome It

Procrastination! I hate that word. I try not to hate a lot of things, but I do HATE that word! That one thing got in my way from growing a successful business for the longest time, and it ended up adding more stress to my life.

Why Are You Not Escaping The Job You Hate?

As you get up each morning, you contemplate your day at the job you hate wondering if the boss will be as jerkish as he was yesterday or, if your co-workers will be as nasty today as they were yesterday. Then you begin to think about escaping the job you hate.

I Don’t Fit In

Do you believe that you are supposed to ‘fit in?’ You might feel differently after reading this article!

Self-Improvement Starts With Waking Up Early

If you’re working on a self improvement goal, then you may find it difficult to find the time and motivation to keep moving forward. Learn how waking up early can help with both of those issue and get you going on the right track to personal development.

Does It Feel Good?

The best way of forgetting how you think you feel is to concentrate on what you know you know. – Mary Stewart So you come to a big turning point in life where you decide to enact massive change. You leap from total despair into the fire of inspirational dissatisfaction to be reinvented into a better you. It’s hard to believe that only such a short time ago your life seemed so dead ended. No excitement. No variety leading to growth. Yet in an in an instance the wind picked up and you suddenly found you’re sailing along. It feels good!

Law Of Attraction Quotes: Revelation and Inspiration!

Law of Attraction Quotes: Revealing and inspiring quotes explained! Motivation and practical application in your daily life.

The Importance of Listening Skills

In today’s day and age, the practice of being a good listener often seems to fall by the wayside. Things move fast today, and people are continually plugged in to technology and to the latest-and-greatest events and happenings.

Behavioural Change – Understanding Work Motivation In Employees

The concept of change can be understood in a number of different ways. Change can be forced upon us, it can arise out of necessity or a compelling reason to adapt; it can even be seen as an inevitable result of the passage of time. However there is a clear difference between a shift caused by our external environment, and a change in behaviour. The former is at worst ineffective and onerous, and at best fleeting, while change from within is more likely to be longer lasting and fruitfully enjoyed. One such example of behavioural change that we will examine here is the way in which we currently understand work motivation in modern employees.

Keep Your Motivation No Matter What

If you’ve been in your job a while, you may well experience periods of demotivation. If you feel you never get the recognition you deserve, or you get passed over for promotion, this isn’t motivating and it can carry you to a place where you don’t feel too good about yourself. This article addresses ways to keep on top of these negative feelings…

Are You Achieving Your Potential?

Ask the average person if they are reaching their full potential and I’ll bet the answer would be no most of the time. Ask them if they were to achieve more of their potential if their life would be better in many ways and I’ll be the answer would almost always be yes. So why the disparity?

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