DON’T BE “MOST PEOPLE” – Powerful Motivational Video

Motivation – 4 Action Steps to Overcome Obstacles to Achieve Your Goals

Each day you may be faced with challenging situations which can sometimes turn into obstacles. If you allow them, these obstacles can become roadblocks to achieving your goals. Roadblocks may block the path you’re currently on but they don’t have to become deterrents from your final destination. In this article we’ll look at 4 action steps you can take right away to overcome obstacles so you can achieve your goals (bonus step inside).

Are You Authentic Enough?

In this Social Media environment, where authenticity and transparency are a must in order to do business in integrity, knowing who you are, what you want, who you serve, are extremely important key-ingredients for a successful business and a well balanced, healthy, wealthy life. Make a commitment to be authentic and consistent. Brilliance and greatness will follow.

A Seabed Of Motivation And A Brook Of Ideas

It is not your inheritance, but your choices that actually shape you. Out of every 100 people that start the race of life from the same point, only 5 reach the end with a lifted head. What shows those 5 the right way that others cannot comprehend?

Be the “MVP” – A Personal Journey

Eliminate dead weight mentalities. When people try to improve or rather embark on a personal journey of financial “clean up” and “physical makeovers”; they encounter a lot of criticism and negativity. Such reactions are a defense mechanism designed to conceal the true culprit; Jealousy.

Books That Motivational Speakers Write

A number of motivational speakers not only give out motivational speeches and discussions, some of them are also writers. They write inspirational, self-help, and food for the soul books that will help a person be more inspired and motivated towards his everyday life.

CNA Certification Classes

CNA certification classes are necessary if you are thinking about becoming a nursing assistant or nursing aid in any part of the US. They are also important if you want to be able to take a CNA exam. There are different programs that are available if you are interested in taking the classes. You can find one in your area if you are looking for something that is convenient. If there is a CNA certification program that you are interested in but the college or school is far away, you can settle for an online program.

Keynote Speakers Qualifications

There are several types of keynote speakers to choose from, they are experts in their own field of speaking. Others may be good at improving an individual’s work efficiency but not good when it comes to enhancing their audiences’ communication skills. Be sure that the speaker you intend to hire or invite to your event has the necessary qualifications that fit the theme or the message that you want your audience to absorb and apply to their daily work ethic or their daily lives.

Motivation – How to Overcome Obstacles to Achieve Your Goals – Develop These 3 Mindsets

Are you struggling to overcome obstacles in your life? If you are facing obstacles right now you may feel tempted to give up. But hold on, you may be closer than you think to reach your goal. The problem often is not the goal but in the way you’re processing the adversity at that moment. So here are 3 mindsets you can use to shift your thinking to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals – inside this article.

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The “I Can’t” Funeral

How do you convince yourself daily/frequently that you can’t do something? What are some of the statements you repeat in your mind or to others that immediately block your opportunities to succeed. When and how did you convince yourself those things were “true”? What are your “I cant’s” and how do they stop you?

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