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Top 5 Procrastination Tips

You’d rather do anything else but that dreaded task… suddenly the most mundane tasks like cleaning the entire house from top to bottom become appealing in a bid to avoid the task at hand. Procrastination happens to us all. Yet do you realize how much it’s stopping you from getting what you want in life? Why do we do it at all?

Simple Life Strategy for Motivation

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t feel like doing anything? Work isn’t exciting you anymore and you feel lethargic & uninspired? Haven’t we all! One of the keys to unlocking motivation is understanding your personal values i.e. what truly energises & excites you. Once you know what these values are then it’s simply a matter of planning your life around them.

Looking Back – Lesson’s Learned When Young

I’m certain you’ve had moments looking back on life, wondering what you’d advise your youthful self about the future. You might tack a trip back to your twenties to inform yourself that all those illusions of grandeur you had about being President or head of fortune 500 company might be more challenging than you realised. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting one sells out on the dreams; rather that you take a more realistic approach to the steps involved in realising them.

Making the Best of Our Moments

We wonder why we didn’t make the most of the great moment had – a holiday or vacation time, the day off, a family reunion or such; we knew it then; it should’ve been enjoyed, but wasn’t as much as we had hoped. And we know it now, if now is one of those moments we can’t seem to grasp all the satisfaction out of. It’s a tenuous thing, enjoying a pleasing moment to its fullest…

Motivational Posters: Encouragement From the Wall

Life is full of events that may either bring you up or down. When you are at your lowest, there is that need to feel better and to move on eventually. A simple advice from a friend is enough to uplift your vibes and to keep you going. However, there are times when a friend is nowhere in sight or some advice is not quite what your soul is looking for. Fortunately, you would be able to get the right motivation through motivational posters. Think of them as a silent advice from the wall, always available to encourage anyone who passes by.

Various Skills That An Individual Must Hone In Order To Become A Motivational Speaker

Curious to know what different skill sets that an outstanding motivational speaker possesses? Most of the greatest speakers have these skills, which is the typical reason that they are different from amateurs.

Motivation Should Be the First Thing on Your Mind

How we wake up can impact on the rest of our day. Our demeanour shapes not only our own day but we influence the people around us. Let’s look at the importance of motivation at the start of each day.

Motivation Word: Discipline

Most inspirational messages tell us that every great achievement was once the dream of somebody. This is undoubtedly true but so is the fact that every achievement is the result of discipline.

Motivation – How to Turn Thoughts Into Actions

Did you know when you are thinking about your goals and an idea or thought has come to you, that you have the ability to bring it into form? If you couldn’t imagine it you couldn’t do it. It is these ideas that come to you that move you forward towards your goal.

Blessed Are The Opportunists

The grandest possible vision for life is the identification of opportunity and the opportunism of making a contribution. That is humility, diligence, empathy, courage, and prudence, all wrapped in one – to simply contribute. Size does not matter.

Procrastination Controls My Life!

Learn about procrastination, its origins and its hold on your life. Discover how to overcome it, so you can live with intention, purpose and self-control.

Advice – Do You Need It?

It is my humble view that a well structured course is needed on how to give and receive advice because the concept of advice is not well understood by many people. There are several quotes about advice, some funny and some serious. Advice is often described as a free commodity not wanted by anyone.

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