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Become Successful – March to the Beat of Your Own Drum

This type of thinking is called wishful thinking. You can wish for something all day, every day, and your wish will never come true until you decide to take action. It is best to forget the wishful thinking thing. It may work for some people, but not for everyone. Also too much wishful thinking will only set you up for a bigger let down when things do not go your way.

What is Your Passion Or Purpose?

Have you ever asked yourself what is your passion or purpose? Maybe it is something that you have not really thought about or been made aware of. The one thing that is clear is that we all have a purpose in life and are passionate about certain things.

Overcoming Weakness

We overcome weakness by contributing to your own energy and support. We do this by leaving weakness behind you. i.e. You build on the awareness of the inner tendencies that bring you down, that don’t support the belief in yourself, that don’t endorse a love of yourself.

What Makes Us Feel Worried?

You could never imagine with what amount of frustration I really write this. I know I have entered into a state to which no one desires to be at. Yes, it is the boredom once again.

How Motivational Speeches Can Be Used

This is an Article about motivational speeches. These types of speeches can motivate us to do things that we didn’t think we could do. Some of these speeches have changed the course of time.

A Wisbone, A Backbone, A Funny Bone

I love Reba McEntire. She can say those pithy things that make Southerners great speakers. When I was a kid, we had the wishbone every time we ate chicken. Did you know that chicken used to come with bones in it? I’m not sure what genetic mutation we have now, but the bones have disappeared. Too bad. My brother and I loved that wishbone.

How to Restore Hope to Your Life

One of my life goals is to motivate people who have lost hope and to help them find it once again. I never depend on positive thinking, affirmations or mere wishes to help people find hope but instead i give them solid facts that proves to them that everything is really possible.

9 Questions to Ask to Get the Life You Want

Being comfortable although can be a beautiful feeling, can also, in excess be a curse. The world is constantly changing and we have to adapt to it or be overpowered by new developments. Imagine if a person only fixed tape player personal stereos and refused to learn any other trade.

The Top 10 Ways to Stick With a New Habit

Congratulations! You’re picking up a new, and hopefully healthy, habit!

Fragile Ideas – Handle With Care!

It’s not enough to just have an idea floating around in your head. You have to take that abstract idea in your head, and put it in a concrete form that you can carry around in your pocket, or briefcase, or messenger bag. These ideas are what give you the inspiration to reach future goals.

Motivate Yourself

Motivation is essential for achieving success. The good and bad news is that you, and you alone, have the ability to truly motivate yourself and drive you to achieve your life’s goals.

How Do You Prefer to Live?

There are two categories of people in this world. Some people believe that in life we should never care for name, fame and success. We should live our life cheerfully forgetting our weaknesses. There is another category that believes that men should always struggle for success and freedom.

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