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We Are All Self Made And We All Pay A Price

Sometime ago I came across a great quote that brought a smile to face. It gave me one of those ah ha moments because it was so true and I had never thought of my life nor anyone else’s life the way the quote stated it. Here it is: “We are all self-made. But only the successful will admit it.” – Unknown

You Are Always Three Words Away From Unstoppable Success

Britt Phillips reveals the three words that will either unleash your success or cause you to slam in to the wall and fail. Will you crash and burn or soar like an eagle? A must read for anyone already in business or contemplating one.

The Power of Permission

Give yourself PERMISSION to be what you want to be; do what you want to do, become who you were meant to be.

The Time has Come for More Effort to be Placed on Self Responsibility

Obesity and personal debt statistics continue to rise, however 90% of the population are in denial and eager to blame others for their own issues. It is time for people to be self responsible for all areas of their life.

Feeling Tired? Here are the Top Three Things to Do to Jump Start Your New Life

Feeling tired? Exhausted? Bored? Burned out? Sad a lot? Frustrated? Emotional? Edgy? Here are the top three things to do to jump start your new life…

Retaining Enthusiasm and Removing the Barriers to Succeeding

I have come to think that any feeling that is less than enthusiastic, is from some old programming, and is to be dealt with only to move myself forward. Not labeled, named, analyzed or discussed. Simply felt. No labeling is required, just acceptance of it, and observation. Then can come a decision as to whether it has any present relevance.

Are You A Perfectionist? A New Path To Your Potential

This article offers a healing alternative to perfectionism. Are You A Perfectionist? The best way for me to address that question is with a confession. Yes, I’m a recovering perfectionist. The wish to be perfect, or at least to appear perfect, is a lifelong affliction as far as I can tell.

Attributes for an Effective Life

Do you want to make the most of yourself and your life? This article presents ten characteristics for living an effective and fulfilling life.

How to Deal With Supposed Failures in Your Business

Failure is a result and you shouldn’t think any other way. The reason most people quit this industry is because they think they have failed. Read this article to completely change your outlook on failure forever!

Staff Motivation at Work

To have happy and loyal employees who give 110% during work will definitely be part of your company success. But to have employees who are willing to die for your company is not an easy task.

5 Tips To Finding Your Greatness

Will help you find ways to live your life to its fullest. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to help you find your greatness.

Triumph of the Human Spirit

While on the journey to living your dreams you will encounter a few obstacles along the way. Most of the obstacles will be other people attempting to burst your dreams, these dreambusters will be there waiting for you. Since you’re focused you won’t allow anyone or anything stop you from living your dreams.

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