DON’T GIVE UP – Motivational Speech

Vision: Its Meaning and Many Facets

Simply put, it is the ability to project or dream of what you desire to happen in the future. In most cases to be effective, you harness or merge the past with the present to forecast or ‘dream’ the future.

Life Is Short, Make the Best of It

I have high aspirations in life and I have every intention to reach it. How I do so is not relevant. The end always justifies the means.

A Change for Life

Do you feel like you are stuck? Are you unhappy with your current life situation but not sure how to change it? Everyone goes through experiences where they feel like they are not progressing and they are just stuck in the same situation doing the same thing all the time. Many people are able to move past the ‘stuckness’ and move forward towards their goals and dreams. Others are left behind, unable to move, not knowing what to do or who to be. If you are ready for a change in your life, here are some things you can do.

10 Reasons Why Average Is Your Enemy Not Your Ally

Ordinary, mediocre, lacklustre are not words that can be associated with top performers such as you. If you are going to be on top of your game you cannot afford to embrace average. Average does not get to the top. Average may end up as second best or runner – up but that is not the goal of participating in the first place. As I write, your mind may be drawn to the sporting world or a popular contest, but I am referring to your life in this instance. I would like you to think of “average” as a person as I share ten reasons why you should not embrace him as a friend because he is your enemy.

Do You Really Want To Help?

The two big problems in churches, as well as businesses is not finding YOUR TRUE MOTIVATORS, and not meeting the NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE. We like to think that we do, but for the most part, we don’t.

3 Keys How To Handle Procrastination That You Cannot Miss

Do you want to be successful? If you want to achieve great things in your life, you must learn to handle procrastination. This is because procrastination is one of the most powerful killers of success. A lot of people want to be rich, start their own business, have a good health, but they fail to accomplish it simply because they are not doing anything about it.

Achievement – 10 Secrets of High Achievers

Show me a man or woman who is a respecter of principles and I can predict his or her success. High achievers, those that will be remembered long after time did not just become what they are by chance. They made up their minds that they would follow certain principles and they would become significant. I share ten of those principles in this article.

You Get What You Set – 10 Things You Must Know About Goal Setting

What is your principal goal? When do you plan to achieve it? How will you measure that you have achieved it? At what point will you have succeeded in what we set out to do? I demystify goal setting by highlighting to you principles you can use. You don’t have to be an expert. You can set any kind of goal, that is, relationship goals, career goals, weight loss exercise, hobbies.Whatever it is, as long as you have the passion for it.

Get Motivated – Start Packing!

Downsizing can mean many things; a loss for some and freedom for others. What does it look like for you?

5 Steps To Do The Exact Thing That You Say You Want To Do

I use to think something was wrong with me for not doing the exact thing I knew would help turn my ideas and dreams into reality. I spent a lot of time saying “I know what I need to do, but why the heck am I not doing it?” This really blocked me from achieving my personal and business goals. Can you relate to this?

Identifying the Things That Motivate You

At some stage in our lives we are confronted with another person, who could be an employee, friend, family, team player in basketball league, That we found ourselves thinking ‘ If only I could motivate them. There must be something’ or ‘ what on earth can I do to change their attitude and get him turned on?

Motivation for Success in 4 Key Steps

A life motivated is a life in motion toward a goal. We must have goals or we will just settle for what is comfortable and probably unfulfilling. If you do not want to just settle, read this short 4-Step motivation article and you just might get motivated to move forward in whatever goal you have set.

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