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Create “New Beliefs” For Greater Success

Success is NOT about goal-setting. If it were we’d all have EVERYTHING we want! It’s about creating new beliefs that create new behaviors to produce the goals you want.

Getting Motivation to Start the Motion of Losing Weight

Usually after the holidays, most people are on their diet motivation to loose weight. All the yuletide partying and parties have become a big factor to the weight gain you might be having in your gut. Do not be afraid of starting the first step of altering your lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise. You have to get motivated to keep yourself in the long run to stick with the fitness regimen for a better body and life for you. Read on for the next few paragraphs might just clue you in into personality, and how you can alter some of your negative traits in the process.

Are You Ready To Be Motivated?

We are living in a world today where people have become professional pretenders. It has become a rarity to find people who believe that words of motivation can ultimately empower them and release them from the shackles of failure that has had them bound so they choose to avoid looking at the man in the mirror. Where did it all go wrong? Where and when did you lose that hope you always had? Are there people around you who mentally incapacitate you by telling you that you are not good enough or continually discourage you from pursuing your dreams just because they have been stagnated by their own fears? One thing I know about you is that there is no duplicate of you. You are the only YOU created for a certain purpose and destined for greatness.

The Forgotten Laws That Align You With The Law of Attraction

What are the forgotten laws? The first thing on most people’s mind after they’ve watched the movie ‘The Secret’ is, “How do I sue the makers of the film?” Why? Although the movie is great and it introduces you to the Law of Attraction, the problem is it does not go into detail as to how you’re supposed to apply the techniques effectively. It does not mention the 11 Forgotten Laws.

Your Life Purpose – Unlock Your Destiny

“I want to know what my life purpose is. What am I meant to be doing with my life?” Many people feel as if they have spent much of their life searching for their life purpose and still have no idea what they “should” be doing or becoming. The problem is most people look outside of themselves, for someone or something to tell them what their life purpose is. They are looking in the wrong place!

Sadness and People

Sadness is a natural emotion, which is characterized by feelings of sorrows, unhappiness, mournfulness, dejection, despondency, dullness etc. It often makes people candid and mentally weak. From the point of literature, sadness is such an emotion that makes a person more creative, poetic, and more sensitive to art and literature.

Change Your Disadvantage to Advantage

Everybody has an inferiority complex when they compare themselves to others. If you are aware of your weakness or disadvantage, you are fortunate. You would be able to change your weakness to your advantage if you were fully aware of it, and if you tried hard to change it. The author, an expert in cross-cultural exchange, introduces you to a boy who successfully changed his physical weakness into strength.

How To Generate Ideas

How do we generate ideas? The means for generating ideas can be classified into two: the ordinary process and the extraordinary process. But first, if you are going to get new ideas, it is essential that you eradicate negative thinking from your mind.

How Music and Mood Connect

Music has been at the hub of depression and anxiety research for many years, resulting in studies substantiating what my stack of CD’s taught me today: music can drastically alter your mood, improve your cognitive outlook and even assist you in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. As the new year came into full swing, I noted the inevitable upsurge in new attendees at the gym where I work out nearly every day. The new individuals come in, trudge along on the treadmill for a few weeks, avoid the trainers and ultimately, many leave.

“Big Ben” Roethlisberger – Made Up His Mind Says a Sports Performance Expert

“Every time he steps in that huddle, the whole team knows we have a chance to win ballgames. He just has that confidence that he’s going to win every game that he’s in.” – Hines Ward, Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers mighty number 7 quarterback, seems as though he’s finally made up his mind what he wants to do.

Just Do It

I have heard a few motivational speakers, but the ones who really interest me the most do not focus on money and success, they are mentors. Instead they guide you to understand your unique identity and purpose in life. One motto that some of these inspirational speakers pass on is “Do it now!’

Believe: Believe in the Big Dream

Do you sit at home sometimes and just look out of the window and dream? Do you spend your days dreaming and never actually doing anything about it? We are probably all guilty of this, but if you are guilty of this, well, ladies and gentlemen it is time to pull your socks up and start making it happen for yourself. Start living the dream.

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