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Improve Your Self-Confidence Through Mistakes And Failure

I know you’re probably wondering how this is possible. “How can I improve my self-confidence if I always fail and make mistakes? How am I supposed to feel if I fail? I always feel guilty, broke, disappointed, and afraid of another failure. I think of myself as a looser. I think I will never do this thing again!”

The Affect of Worry on Productivity

In an odd sort of way, worrying about an impending situation makes us feel we have a certain degree of control. Worry does nothing. Actually, worry does worse than nothing: it decreases our ability to do well.

Life Lessons from the Greatest Swordsman Who Ever Lived

Only by accepting the reality of death could a samurai in feudal Japan do his best. In the same way, once you embrace the possibility of failure, the fear of failure loses its hold over you.

Are You Stuck in Your Life?

Do you find yourself going around and around in your head, trying to figure things out but never taking the action you need to take? Do you believe if you read enough self-help books and take enough seminars you will find the answer?

Are You Choosing to Fail

We must always focus on doing the difficult things if we want to improve. Taking no action will result in failure.

Life: The Ultimate Improvisation

Most people have a fear of improvising or going “off-script.” What’s amazing about this fear is that everyone does it already anyway. Life, after all, is the ultimate improvisation.

Ask Better Questions to Control Your Focus

What you focus on is determined by the questions you ask yourself. The very broad standpoint of ‘what’s good about this?’ vs. ‘what’s bad about this?’ can make a huge difference in your energy from moment to moment.


Whether or not we succeed often has little to do with talent, situations, circumstances or opportunities and plenty to do with our beliefs. Beliefs about what we can or can’t do. Beliefs about what we do or don’t deserve. Beliefs about how others see us. Beliefs about our ability. Beliefs about relationships. Beliefs about other people.

Lesson from Improv Comedy: Have More Fun!

One of the most powerful ways to improve the quality of your work, relationships, and life, is to have more fun. Find a way to have fun at whatever you are doing, and not only will you enjoy it more, but you will also produce a higher quality of work.

Anyone Can Do Anything

It’s a simple fact: it might take time, but everyone can gain the ability to do just about anything. It’s just a matter of paying the price.

Sticky Note Success: 9 Self-Motivators for the Self-Employed

The only person in the world who can motivate you is yourself!

The Power of Focus!

Our focus on a moment to moment basis has a huge impact on the quality of our work, relationship, and lives. Depending on what we choose to focus on, the exact same situation can have many meanings.

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