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How Will Our Dream Happen?

Our dream may be to open a business, change careers, move to another country, travel the world, or any number of other wonderful things. It is really easy to dream it, but how can we make it happen?

How to Stay Motivated in the Face of Frustration

People need motivation to carry them through a variety of activities. If you have ever dreamed of performing in a symphony orchestra, or playing the lead in a play; getting that book published, or landing that dream job, frustration is something you will have to deal with. So, the question facing you is, how do you stay motivated when faced with frustration?

How to Stay Motivated After Setbacks

Life is full of problems. There is a saying that says something about for every two steps you move forward, you inevitably take one step back. It is a simple fact of life that not everything in your life is going to go perfectly, according to plan, and turn out the way you expect it to.

Finding Your “Yellow Brick Road” to Success

Do you recall the wonderment of the “Wizard of Oz?” It’s a fantastic story of Dorothy and her dog, Toto, lost in a bizarre world of little people, witches, flying monkeys and wizards. She is swept away by a large, black, ominous twister and transported to a foreign place. And even though she is completely out of her element and has no idea how to return to that little farm in Kansas, the journey that she experiences helps her to find herself and brings her closer to home.

Be a Superhero in the Workplace

Did you ever wake up on a Saturday morning and race to the television, in the family room, to watch your favorite cartoon? There was usually a superhero that you adored and wanted to emulate. Your favorite hero either had x-ray vision, super human strength, unrecordable speed, or flying capabilities. And after watching your show, you would run around the house with a large bath towel tied around your neck with your arms out in front of you, leading you to your destiny. You would leap from one piece of furniture to another in an attempt to fly. You were totally invincible!

Defeat Laziness and Achieve Anything!

Many have problems with motivation. Truth be known we all have to learn how to work; it never comes naturally, not to anyone. Once you understand and apply the secret to becoming motivated you can achieve anything.

Manage Your Own Little Voice in 3 Simple Quick Steps

Your little voice was your biggest enemy if you do not handle it well from the beginning and vice versa, it can empowering you to break any barriers or challenges you facing. Admit it that everyone does have their own little devil voice but it depend on how well we all going manipulate it either favor us or against us. Here is the 3 simple quick techniques for you to overcome it and by using it accordingly I believe you can maximize you’re truly potential to break any obstacles: – Identify your little voice …

How to Stay Motivated After Rejection

It is a well-known fact that life is not fair. If it were, we would not need laws and courts, or government agencies and promises of rewards in the hereafter. There will be times when you are going to face rejection; whether it is from a company, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a spouse etc. So, you have to look at ways of overcoming the depression that follows rejection.

Motivation – How to Use Visualisation to Attain Your Goals

Visualisation can help you attain your goals and improve your performance. This technique is not new and a lot of top sportsmen and women use it to improve their performance. This article explain how you to can attain your goals using this simple but very effective technique.

Becoming Wealthy – The First Thing We Need to Know

We all have that need to become wealthy, but what is the first thing that we actually need in order to acquire that wealth? Some may think that we first need a system, a business plan, a mentor or even the right environment.

How to Use Fear

Fear is the greatest motivator of all motivators. You can do what ever it takes to secure your life.

How to Overcome Procrastination

Many people want to achieve their goals and everything in life. But we have this one question in our heads. With all the desires we have inside and with all the goals we have written out, how to overcome procrastination? That is a very good question but that is not exactly the question we should ask ourselves first.

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