DON’T STOP GRINDING – Motivational Video

Above All, Do Something!

We can let fear and obstacles immobilize us. We have to mobilize ourselves to overcome our fear and any obstacles that have been put in our paths by doing something and then doing some more ‘somethings’ that will cause us to move closer to a solution.

Get Rid Of Procrastination Now

Break the habit of postponing or delaying actions and tasks right now with these three simple tips! Start from within. Procrastination is, foremost, an internal issue.

Finding the Courage and Drive to Follow Your Passion

Having issues with DRIVE or FEAR? Read these tips to get you on the right track!

Imperfection Is Beauty, Madness Is Genius, It’s Better to Be Absolutely Ridiculous

The pursuit for perfection leads to hesitation, and even failure. Great things in this world are reserved for mad geniuses, who are willing to try out daring stunts that lack precedence. Alexander the Great, Hannibal, and Christopher Columbus changed the course history by stepping out of the norm, and attempting feats that appeared ridiculous at first. The beauty of life lies in the aspect of creativity. In most cases, people limit themselves by staying within the norm of life, where nothing new or exciting happens. If you set your sights on a particular goal, you must lose focus of other irrelevant things, which often crop up to derail your progress. Above all, you must have a neat and simple strategy, that will get you to your target on time

Are You Climbing The Wrong Tree?

The analogy I’m going to use here is from the Garden of Eden – the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. Let me share what I believe is the difference when it comes to success, achievement and life in general using this analogy. Living from the tree of life – when you live with peace, happiness, humility, ease, contentment, joy, satisfaction, compassion, patience, understanding, charity and yes success and achievement. Living from the tree of knowledge – when you live with fear, regret, disappointment, stress, anxiety, discouragement, competition, a now mindset, anger, blame, the need for control, pride, ego and yes achievement and success.

Impossible Is Only A Word

Let me ask you, do you think Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Billy Graham, Carl Sandberg, Jesus, Henry Ford, Bill Gates (this list is endless) had the word impossible in their DNA? I seriously doubt it. Far too many people let their definition of impossible rule their present and future with doubt, fear, the need for approval and numerous negative emotions, feelings and mindsets that keep them stuck in ordinary, normal or what many refer to as “It is what it is.”

I Choose To Live Life Heroically

With any hardship we encounter, it takes time to work through it, assessing the situation if it is as serious as it appears to be. Accepting what happened, and considering the various reactions, such an experience may trigger. Next, relax! Let your inner voice reveal to you the next step in your life. From experience I can tell you, this works! Doing this will always allow you to face life’s difficulties boldly, and enable you to face any harm that may threaten to undo you. This in the long run will assist you to lead a rewarding, purposeful and heroic life.

Too Much of a Good Habit Can Be a Bad Habit

It is a common thing for good habits to escalate into bad habits, something that often happens when good habits become an obsession. This is a good reason why people should keep an eye on their own behavior, even when it may seem to be totally productive.

If You Don’t Stand for Something, You Will Fall for Anything

It is said, “We only regret the chances that we didn’t take”. If you believe in something, but are afraid to speak out, it won’t let you sleep. Your mind will replay the event continuously, and it will affect your confidence, and it may start eating you inside. If you do not take a decisive stand for the right things, you will die inside a coward

Believe for Greater!

Greater is in store for you. But you must believe that you can go to greater levels in your life. There is so much more out there waiting for you, but you have to go get it!

Talking About It Won’t Make It Happen – How to Kick Procrastination

Do you have goals and dreams that you want to accomplish but find that you keep procrastinating? Are you always saying “I’m going to do” or “I’ve always wanted to” but never get things off the ground? Do you have so many ideas that you’re afraid to just begin because you don’t want to make any mistakes? This article will inspire you to stop procrastinating–whatever is stopping you is going to stop today, so that you can finally break through to the you that you want to be. Read on

I Let Go of Pain and Anger

Focus on beauty which helps you attain inner peace. In that state of mind you will also begin to feel more productive. There is no happier human being than the one who is focused on achieving their dreams, and living a satisfied life.

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