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10 Ways to Be Productive Daily

There is a limit to what you can do every day. The most important thing is to do the right things and live a balanced life.

How to Stay Motivated!

Doing well once or twice is relatively easy. Continuously moving ahead is tough, because we so easily revert to old habits and former lifestyles. This goes for your ROF’s. Over the long run, you need to give yourself regular feedback to monitor your performance and reinforce yourself positively.

Something Good Is Going to Happen

There are so many professional and motivational speakers out there and they have a common theme. The theme of positive thinking or constantly affirming that you can ‘do it’ every single day is oftentimes the message they portray. It sounds very simple when you actually listen to it.

Joys of Journalling – Your Story-Telling Companion

Recently in conversation with a friend, we laughed about how we each ‘pack’ a journal when we travel. However, we often return with a blank journal, or at best a few pages with notes jotted down. Our great intentions to document our physical and emotional journeys are thwarted. Instead, we ‘carry around’ a book that never or rarely gets opened, ‘hauling’ it each day…just in case!

Stones of Many

The stones of many is a metaphor that resembles the population of the world. Each stones are different and with different shapes. But each stone are important and their nature should be peace among each other.

Take Breaks

It’s important when striving and going after something to also give ourselves a chance to take breaks. There are different amounts of drive and determination in each of us but it is crucial that we also keep a healthy balance in our lives. You should spread out responsibilities and time spent with loved ones. Be reasonable about your business, personal, and financial goals. Don’t be fantasizing about living in your dream. Live in it.

Be Specific and Tell Yourself What You Want

Tell yourself what you want to happen and what you want to do and will work out for you. Being specific will work out much better for you in this situation as well. This concept applies to any and all circumstances. Too bad the majority of us live below our potential simply because we believe all the negative instead of the positive.

Believe It Into Existence

After you set your goals, write them down, and have been reading them constantly, then the real work begins. In order for you to actually take movement you need to believe if you already achieved your goals. You need to get it down into your subconscious and soul and make it a part of you.

Make Goals

If you don’t have any, make some. Write them down and read them as often as you can and no fewer than three times a day. Also think as if you already accomplished your goals. Your position or circumstance may not reflect your goal but the power to get them is in your mind, not your situation.

The Rivalry Between Solo and Marta for the Women’s World Cup in Soccer

Finally there was the playoff of a long-standing rivalry between Marta Vieira da Silva on the Brazilian team and Hope Solo from the U.S. Marta, touted as the world’s best football player, has earned her title with a long list of accomplishments to her name. The one obstacle standing between Marta and the 2011 World Cup Championship is Solo, an outstanding goaltender.

What You Do Today For Your Tomorrow

For a very long time now, I’ve been searching. Searching for that one thing I could be doing with my life, that would make everything worthwhile.

Overcome Procrastination: How To Shut Down The Mental Blocks That Make You Procrastinate

It can be difficult. If your energy is low, it’s hard to get anything done. Anyone who has gone to work with little sleep knows this. And this isn’t imaginary “spiritual” energy. You can physically feel it when you don’t have it. Have you found yourself procrastinating, but really you just didn’t have any energy to do it? Here’s the thing.

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