DON’T WASTE ANY MORE TIME – 2021 New Year Motivational Video


Finding and Keeping Your Motivation

Motivation is, quite simply, the reason you do something. But why is it that sometimes people think that they really want something yet don’t seem to do what it takes to get it? What happened to their “motivation”?

The Most “Dangerous” Person Is A Self-Motivated Person

Sure, a winner is a winner. But, when you can make yourself one whatever the situation, that is dangerous!

What to Do in the Dash

Every one is given a time to live and a time to end it all. In between is a period of life known as the DASH. The dash is what everyone must do. How you do will determine your quality of life.

4 Tips To Overcome Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination is something every successful entrepreneur must do. Here are four tips to ensure you do not allow it to get in the way of you anymore.

Service – The Ultimate Motive of Life

What moves you on in your life? Is it the fame? Is it money? Wait a minute and consider the ultimate motive of your life. You will be surprised to know the reality.

Procrastination – The Enemy of Progress

Procrastination – the dictionary definition: To defer action. Basically something comes over us causing us to delay action, although at the same time we know and often want to move forward with the project in question. Although it could be laziness, often it is a form of fear of the unknown which secretly has us entrapped, and causes us to do anything but the thing we know we should be doing. How can we fight this enemy of progress? Making a step by step plan and following it helps to override the procrastination; also learning more about the daunting task and finding all the benefits gained by moving forward, changes the perspective and lessons the fear.

Life Is Good, But Our Days Are Numbered

The same fate lies for everyone. The righteous and wicked to the good and bad – our days are numbered.

Rise From The Ashes – Success Leaves Clues

It has often been said that, “If we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them”. Yet how many truly understand how profound that statement is. Take a man like Napoleon Hill author of “Think and Grow Rich” It would be easy to conclude that he was success full because he had all these breaks: An interview with Andrew Carnegie, introductions to 500 of the world’s most successful men. Yet his interview with Andrew Carnegie came because he made it happen. Of course he was successful. But few realize that Napoleon Hill was very human and subject to all the same fears anxieties and uncertainties that befall many of us.

How To Release Yourself And Live Your Vision To The Fullest

No one’s opinions should ever define you. How many people have allowed themselves to be shaped by other’s opinions and conformed to their thinking patterns? Realize that you are an individual, who has your own DNA.

Exercise Motivation: How To Get It And Hold On To It

Exercise is a vital part of being healthy and staying in shape. We all know this, yet knowing it and actually working out are two very different things. Lack of motivation, procrastination and not having enough time are some of the biggest obstacles we face in sticking with a regular workout routine. Our success is often determined by how much we want it and what we are willing to do to get it. Momentum

Motivation for Exercise When You Hate It

Think about something you absolutely have to do every day. You might not particularly enjoy doing it, but it’s part of your routine such that, if you didn’t do it, it would feel completely wrong to have missed it.

What You Can Achieve If You Make a Plan

You can achieve many of your dreams if you decide what you really want, make a plan, stick with it and believe you really can achieve your dream. Keep it in the forefront of your mind at all times over the coming months like a burning passion and watch your dream unfold. I know it works I have achieved dreams against the odds several times in my life, and I’m sure if you think about it so have you. For example you got a job you really wanted, or you found a way to afford an amazing holiday, and all sorts of little things because you applied the techniques without realizing it. Now is the time to consciously use them to obtain any dreams.

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