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Inspiration and Motivational Ideas

What is inspirational and motivating is different for everyone. What we need may shift from moment to moment, but it helps us to build up our toolbox of ideas to keep us going, and so we have the right thing to pull out when we need it.

What I Learned From My Day at the DMV

Most people hate their experiences at the Department of Motor Vehicles, but life lessons can be taught at any time. Not surprisingly, those lessons usually come when you don’t expect them.

You Can Live Above The Mistakes of The Wise And Mighty

Solomon was given the choice of asking for what he needed, and he asked for the wisdom to discern good from evil so that he might lead God’s people well. To this day, Solomon is remembered for the great wisdom God gave him. In short, he began his rule with devotion to wisdom and a deep ambition to build a magnificent temple to honour God. But along the line his passion for living by God’s wisdom was displaced by the allures of the wealth and position God had given him. His marriage to foreign women who worshiped pagan gods eventually led him – and ultimately the nation – into idolatry.

How to Get Over Failure

At some point in our lives, we realize that things won’t always go as planned. No matter how much we want something, no matter how much we plan for it, things can still fall apart. Failure, after all, is an inevitable part of life. The article is all about on how you can overcome failures in life in different ways and how you will handle it after with the help of numerology.

Logic Doesn’t Change Emotion, Action Does!

One of the greatest challenges that entrepreneurs face is to get back in the groove, after a long break. I call it the ‘derailed’ disease. It’s similar to an employee feeling the Monday blues. I am a frequent victim of this disease. Earlier in my life this was the reason for me to quit many projects halfway through. I just didn’t know how to get back on track. I used to justify that this is God’s will and I can’t change it. The problem was that I was using Logic to fight it, which I found out to be the wrong thing to lead with.

Help With Self Motivation – How To Be Self Disciplined In All Areas Of Your Life

Some of us just can’t seem to get it together. I mean we have good intentions, but no follow through. This is where self discipline is so important. If you want to learn how to set a goal and reach it read this article.

It’s Hard Work, It’s Luck, And It’s Faith

When people, such as my beloved offspring or my coaching clients, ask me what my “secret” is, I say that it’s simple. There are two types of people in the world, and you have to be as much as you can of the one type and avoid spending much time as the other.

Quit But Never Give Up

Have you ever started something like a new job or a business and soon realized it wasn’t working? Quitting can be the answer to success, yet it may be contrary to what many successful people say. Let’s consider this statement. As you go through life, your goals and desires will change. What may have been a goal at one time is no longer. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are quitting on reaching success.

Prosperity – 10 Keys To a Wealthy Mindset

You represent a lot of potential, you exhibit the symptoms of wealth but somehow you do not get to a stage of “full blown” wealth in your life. I do not want to limit this discussion to money only because by definition of wealth, money is simply one of the inputs. I am talking about wealth as a mindset that dictates how you interact with people and resources. You cannot live the abundant life if you possess a poverty mindset. I let you in on ten keys to a wealthy mindset.

Overcome Procrastination – The Best Ways to Get Your Job Done On Time Every Time

If you are looking for best ways to overcome procrastination and get work done on time, then read this article and follow the suggestions. Hopefully you will be able to kick off this bad habit.

Motivation Techniques Are Key Leadership Skills

Motivation comes in many shapes and various sizes. There are some distinct leadership styles that can be categorized and defined. A common denominator shared by each is motivation techniques.

How to Love Who You Are – Not Who You Are Not

Do you find yourself beating yourself up for things you haven’t or couldn’t achieve in life? Do you look at others and wish you could have their possessions or live their life style? When you look at others and say you want what they have, you have no idea what trials they may deal with each day.

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