DON’T WASTE YOUR LIFE – Motivational Speech

Want to Change Your Life?

Are you unhappy with your current life situation? Do you feel like you are stuck and not moving anywhere? Are you ready to change your life? We all have times when we want to change what we are doing because we are unhappy with where we are at. The great news is that we can change our lives and we can be happy. One way to help along the journey of changing your life is to hire a life coach.

Making ‘It’ The Most Important Thing

We can achieve just about anything we set our minds to – and certainly those within our direct reach. What stops us is nothing if not a lack of focus.

Make Procrastination A Thing Of The Past

Tired of procrastinating? Here are some great ideas to get you out of this insidious habit and into action.

Nose To The Grindstone

Each one of us has an extraordinary life to live. The miracle of life is ours whether we appreciate it or not.

You Are Doing It All Backwards! 3 Simple Ways to Jump-Start Your Fame

If you ask someone’s opinion (bad idea #1), more often than not that person will tell you that things should be done in a certain way in order for you to market yourself or your business. More often than not, that person is wrong. It is at times like these when you need to reach into your toolbox and pull out the one and only tool you really ever need, but rarely use… Common Sense. Here are 3 simple (and free) ways to jump-start your fame.

How To Create Motivation Using 3 Proven Principles

Most people are not living a successful life because they are not doing what they have to do. They will tell you that they want to be rich, but they are not doing anything about it. The main reason for this is because they fail to come up with the motivation to do whatever it takes. Therefore, if you want to live a successful life, you must learn how to create motivation.

Expectations Are More Powerful Than Goals

Everyone you know, including yourself, have set goals and not met them. On December 31 of every year, someone you know is going to exercise more, someone you know is going to lose that 20 pounds once and for all, and someone you know is going to quit smoking. Most of them will not succeed. Why? Not because they did not have a goal, but because they did not have the correct expectation.

10 Things Quitters Wish They Knew About Winners

A salesman has not made a sale until he has a confirmed order. A soccer team that wins games and loses championships is not considered as winners. Starting a project that you don’t complete is a waste of your time. Nothing is ever built by good intentions. Authors whose books were never published, singers whose songs were never recorded, probably died with all their potential, why because somewhere along the way they decided to quit. Winners do not win because they are not tempted to quit. They overcome that temptation and march on to their success.

Stop Managing Your Time and Start Managing Your Life

The way that most people choose to live their clock-dictated lives is to be as reactive as possible. In other words, you do the laundry when you have officially run out of underwear or grocery shop when you are about to go broke from eating out everyday. You rush every morning and still leave just in time to get into rush hour traffic and stress out about being late to work. You constantly feel out of control of your life and your time, but think about this for a moment. Time management is overrated. Life management is a much more efficient and effective way to regain control of both your time and your life! Take a look and enjoy yet another desperately needed “AHA moment.”

Racing With Destiny

When all of life hangs in the balance we’re suddenly brought before a truth that we hardly ever contemplate. It all comes down to this, the culmination of it all. Whether it’s the birth of our babies, the moment we heard tragic news or starting the race of our lives with only the finish line in sight and mind, life for that exact instant has changed and we withdraw into ourselves, primed only to perform.

10 Reasons Why You Must Have a Vision for Your Life

The world is desperate for those that will take the dive, step out and say I am going to believe, the unbelievable, think the unthinkable and see the unforeseeable. Such uncommon visionaries are scarce and the world needs more of them. Such visionaries see what others do not see and place a demand on their creativity to bring to reality the vision they see in their heart. It is possible that “the next best thing” to be invented or created is that vision you have been afraid to implement. You have been wavering because you think you are just daydreaming. I share ten insights that will help you develop a vision for your life.

10 Principles That Will Help You Embark On A New Beginning

Life is a series of beginnings. When you are settling and getting used to being a child, you must grow into a teenager, from teenager to adolescent, to young adult and adult and so on and so on. You cannot get used to being at one level of growth that you decide to overstay. In terms of physical growth you do not have a choice, but in the world of business, and the pursuit of success, one must constantly review progress and embark on new beginnings. I share with you ten helpful principles that will surely help you.

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