Dr. Jason Fung Breaks the “Counting Calories” Weight Loss Myth and What You Should Be Doing Instead

Motivation – Even the Doubters Use It

Times are bleak. I agree. More people are out of jobs. A few are struggling. Many can only manage to get by. A handful is growing richer every day. We live in the same country. Some of us are from the same area.

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream: Comebacks For Doubters and Critics

This article suggests how to deal with well meaning, and not so well meaning, critics who throw cold water on your dreams and plans. The techniques are also effective in dealing with your inner critic too. You can use these techniques not only to maintain you enthusiasm and motivation but to increase it!

Do You Learn From Stern?

What kind of teacher helps you grow the most? Surprise! It’s probably the one you hated the most. There are lessons to be learned from having a stern teacher – ones that have helped you be who you are today. Do you learn from stern?

The Key To Self Improvement – Motivation

We all make goals for our own improvement, development and enrichment. Be it to run a marathon, to learn French, to play the piano, to learn to sketch, or to write a novel we all have something we would like to do to improve ourselves and enrich our lives.

The Genius In Simply Starting

The genius in simply starting is well known to the diligent; to the responsible; to the innately faithful person. They have not been inherently blessed, most often, to be a self-starter; they worked on it. It took years to master.

The Social Media Techs Boom

Over the past few years, many media firms that are highly popular in their field have sold shares to their investors through prestigious Initial Public Offerings, shortly called as an IPO. During this process, many insiders belonging to these companies inclusive of executives, venture capitalists and even their previous staff were able to earn huge sums of money. On the other hand, it was not that much lucrative for ordinary shareholders.

Who Do You Need to Become, to Attract What You Desire

Instead of blustering forward and looking for what you need to do, to enjoy the success you desire. Try a different approach this time and look at your vision and instead ask a different question. Ask yourself who you need to become to attract the level of success you desire into your life?

When Do You Think You Should Give-Up?

There are so many stories of persistence, where people kept chipping away for many years, experiencing constant setbacks and challenges along the way, but they never ever gave up. Every one of them, who kept relentlessly taking action daily, eventually achieved incredible levels of success. Colonel Saunders was in his mid-60’s when he started Kentucky Fried chicken.

Motivation: No One Can Stop You!

You’re trying hard, so very hard, to get ahead and reach your goals and yet there seems to be no end to the hurdles and roadblocks along the way… So it’s important that you realize that no one can stop you – unless you give up.

Online Business: What Will Motivate You to Succeed?

When you decide to build an online business it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and trying something new. This excitement will give you the motivation to start taking action and doing all the things that are necessary to start building your business. But how do you keep motivated after the excitement has gone?

Online Business: What Is Your Driving Force?

We all have a driving force. Some peoples driving force is really strong whereas others is quite weak. There are people how have such a strong desire to succeed that there is nothing that could possibly get in their way. What type are you?

Finding Your Inner Drive of Motivation

Many of us have experienced feeling a little lacklustre about life sometimes. It is easy to put off things that need to be done or to find excuses to avoid certain milestones in life. What a lot of us lack in life is a certain level of motivation. Motivation is our willingness to change things. It is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. If you feel motivated you have a desire to fulfil tasks and get things done.

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