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What Are You Tolerating in Your One Precious Life?

Our problem behaviors are the ones that we don’t like, but we allow because it’s more trouble than it’s worth to stop them. THOSE are the sticky problems that gum up our lives. It eats up SO MUCH life energy to deal repeatedly with the smaller, very annoying behaviors. What can you do about it?

Pushing Yourself Even When You Don’t Want To

Pushing yourself even when you don’t feel like doing something is one of the most valuable skills you can achieve in life. This skill alone is worth several millions and will help you succeed in any area of your life you decide to focus on.

Rise Up and Soar Again

Many of us live a life of defeat and many a times almost devastated. It will be bad enough not having to see some ups but what if it is all the way down (and I mean down slope). Are we destined for failures?

Regaining Your Lost Motivation

Motivation is that which helps us excel and when we lose our motivation everything looks bleak. Follow these easy ways to regain your motivation.

Resolution Responsibility is Yours Alone

Sometimes we choose resolutions that are impossible to keep because they’re too broad or beyond our capabilities. Or the plan falls apart the first time the going gets tough. But, when the going gets tough the tough always get going. It’s not the first time one experiences setbacks, or roadblocks. When it really mattered you went through, under, over or around them. So this should be no different.

How to Stay Motivated in Your Business

When you first started your business, motivation likely came easy. You were full of possibility and hope. But now that you’ve been in business for a while, you may find it a struggle to stay motivated. If you find your motivation is lacking, read on.

Running From the Hungry Lion

But in my experience most people don’t start the day running. They get up… shower… shave and prepare for their day which is fine.

Who’s Great Expectations Are They?

Do you sometimes feel that you are bombarded with expectations; to do this, finish that, reach this, manage that? Are you caught in the crossfire and really all you want to do is say “STOP”?

Overcoming Feeling Burned Out

We are all motivated at some point in our lives but what usually happens is that if we meet too many barriers our motivation levels start to drop and we feel drained and burned out. The question is what to do to overcome feeling burned out.

Say Yes to Opportunity

Do you believe in opportunity? It is often said that opportunities are right in front of us however we don’t always see them immediately. If we did, wouldn’t life simply be a piece of cake?

Knowing “Why” Gets You Where You Want to Be

Oftentimes when we set goals we don’t have a clear idea of WHY we want to achieve them. Often we fall back on nebulous reasoning. For instance, we might say that we want to eat healthier so we “feel better.” What does “feel better” mean, exactly? Physically, emotionally? Feel better about how you look, or feel like you’re a better person because of your dietary change?

Publically Commit to Achieve Your Large Goals

When it comes to sharing your goals there are two camps- those who say you should keep your goals to yourself, and those who say you should share your goals with the entire world. Some people say you should keep your goals to yourself for energetic reasons. They feel that by talking about your goals you start to dissipate the internal energy of the goal, robbing it of its ability to build inside of you, robbing the goal of the internal energy it requires to reach completion….

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