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Instantly Reach Manhood – Find Out How – You Don’t Need to Wait

Don’t WAIT to be a MAN. Don’t wait to learn, don’t wait to grow, don’t wait to change. Be a Man NOW, INSTANTLY. This article will tell you how. You have to feel it, deep down, to change, so read it again and again. Immerse yourself until you believe it without reservation, and it’ll happen.

Obedience Never Stops

We need to know what there is to do, what we need to do and take action. We should strive to improve a little each day. We should strive to make today a little better than yesterday. We should commit to do something more than we did the day before.

How to Deal With Disappointment – Learn From It

Things just didn’t turn out the way I had planned. I was disappointed and my confidence level plummeted. I could easily stay mired in procrastination (reading countless emails as if they were gifts from the universe; shifting endless stacks of paper piled high on my desk or starring intently out of my office window). But none of these things will get me unstuck from my self-imposed exile into inertia.

Isn’t Now The Time For Change?

Today the front porch has returned but with a new name-social network. People flock to these social networks like bees to honey. In fact, for the average person, social networks have become an important part of daily existence.

Achieve Manhood Now Or Never – Take Your Pick: You Get Only One Choice

And this mindset, “it’s ok to procrastinate manhood until later,” this is the mindset that guarantees you’ll never become a Man. It’s a rationalization, somewhere in your childish little head, of your excuses. For some reason, you think that, because work was “extra” hard today, or you’re sick today, or you only got two hours of sleep, that it’s ok to be a little baby boy… Just on this one day… If you’re saying this to yourself, you’re dooming yourself to a little wussy life.

You Are Not The Product of the Circumstances

‘You are not the product of the circumstances; you are the product of the choices you make now.’ Believe in this statement. Just think about this; we all wake up every morning to the same world. For some of us the day will be a very exciting wonderful day and for some others it is the worst day. How come the same day appeared wonderful for some people and horrible for some others? The day is the same! But the people who looked at the day are different.

The Purpose Behind Your Goals

“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them.” – Anthony Robbins

Teamwork – The Power of Cooperation

There will be shining stars, introverted, very strong, average, subdued, extroverts, and, or natural talents in any team. Strong teams are necessary for success. Businesses without strong teams whether in leadership or the shop floor may stumble or fold. Churches without solid leadership and functional teams will soon be empty; weaker football teams will soon be relegated. A man with a dream without a team will soon lose his dream because without a vision people perish and without people visions perish. How can you strengthen your existing team or the team that you are a part of?

Observing Discipline Is Honoring A Commitment

Henry Foyal was a doyen of management thinking. He has outlined fourteen cardinal principles of management. Discipline is the first in his list. According to him, discipline is vital for an organization to function. And he defines discipline as honoring commitments.

The Importance of Discipline

You often hear the word discipline. Honestly, what will be your innermost feeling if you hear this word. Possibly, a sense of resentment, if not revulsion. This is because we associate discipline with restrictions, controls and even repression. It is for school students and for people working in the military! Why do I need discipline? This is the general feeling of many people.

5 Solutions For You: When Others Put You Down

Everyone, whether they know it or not, has an agenda. When others put you down, they put you down because you are part of their agenda. What is on their agenda is to feel better about their life and possibly find happiness. How to they achieve that? By putting you down. They pick you as their victim because they know you believe in yourself and you are a good person.

How To Forget Your Past And Move On

All of us have plenty of experiences which could have been pretty traumatic and they still make us lose joy if we remember them. Those events might be connected with things that we have done in a wrong way, or we have been offended or we lost a dear person in a family, or our boss fired us. I could go on and on with the list of things that do happen daily in our lives and upset us.

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