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Motivational Tips – 3 Simply Tips to Keep You Motivated in Life

These motivational tips are easy to learn and apply. They will help you to keep motivated in life.

New Year – A Brand New Beginning!

Welcome to 2010! I feel so excited about this year because there is so much ahead of us to accomplish, and I’m looking forward to achieving them. You see, one thing is to set a goal to achieve and another thing is to set strategies to achieve them. Personally, I’ve a lot to achieve this year but it will only be a day dream if I do not set some strategic targets or tasks on how to achieve them. A lot of times we set New Year resolutions that are not resolute.

Infinite Life Success Secrets

What are the secrets of success? How can you have an Infinitely better life?

Willpower – Or Lack of It – Is Contagious

If you’re trying to cut back on spending, lose the holiday pounds, or trying to kick caffeine, pay close attention to who you’re hanging out with. A recent series of studies involving hundreds of volunteers demonstrates that our self-control — or the lack thereof — is contagious. In fact, watching, or even thinking about, someone with willpower can help others beef up their temptation-resisting strength.

A True Mission Statement For Life – Has Yours Vanished?

What is your ultimate true mission statement for life? Have you ever sat down and pondered at the question for a little bit.

Les Brown, “Mr Motivator”

Les Brown is an engaging motivational speaker who has a passionate desire to nurture and fire up other people’s passions. He wants to set them on the road to achieving more than they have ever dared.

7 Tips For Self-Motivation

Motivation is crucial to achieve your goals, and it is also something you can achieve by yourself if you know how. The following are 7 tips to attain unstoppable self-motivation: 1. Keep the right focus Focus on what you want instead of on what you don’t want.

To Motivate Or to Inspire – That is the Question

Leadership speakers can motivate or inspire. Find out the main differences between the two.

What Does a Motivational Speaker Do?

To most observers, the transformation that a motivational speaker can effect on a person seems like an apotheosis — something divine, unaccomplishable by mere mortals. Top executives of major corporations think of a motivational speaker as able to read people and coax or cajole them to perform better in their chosen fields — and thereby improve the effectiveness of their company as a whole — but no one seems to be able to pin down how this change occurs.

Paying Attention to the Right Things

Going through hard times? By focusing your attention on the opportunities instead of the problems, you’ll have better chances of success.

11 Ways to Keep Your Motivation Fire Going

While you already know its important to exercise there will comes days when the last thing you want to do is exercise. Putting on that tracksuit and heading to the gym becomes a struggle even though you know deep down its the right thing to do.

3 Ways to Motivate and Improve Your Work Output

If we’re going to spend the time working, we might as well do it as efficiently as possible. One would think that the logic should follow this way, yet many people neglect to work at their maximum output. It’s a shame in my mind when unrealized potential fails to be reached on a day to day basis, so I’ve taken a few measures to ensure that I’m my best self possible on any given day.

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