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Core Desires Ignite the Conquering Force

Core Desires are the ignition mechanism for the Conquering Force. This is what a Core Desire can do in your life- ignite the Conquering Force within you. I’ve taught hundreds of karate students, most of whom indicated they wanted to be black belts, but few of them ever achieved that distinction. Not because they didn’t have the ability but because it wasn’t a Core Desire. The sooner you identify your Core Desires, the sooner your Conquering Force kicks in. Then, and only then, will you truly have what it takes to achieve at high levels, which is where the greatest joy and happiness can be found.

Stuck? 10 Tips For Getting Going

Ever caught yourself thinking “How can I?” “Should I?” “I don’t feel confident to”? If so, here are some Quick Tips for getting unstuck. These are 10 real examples of ‘stuckness’, with questions and suggestions on how to change and free up your thinking.

5 Keys to Getting and Staying Motivated

Motivation is something that comes and goes with most of us. There are times when we are fired up and then there are other times when we are flat. We think to ourselves, “Where did all of my excitement go? When did I lose it?”

Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination is one of the hardest things to do and not being able to do this causes a lot of time to be wasted in our lives. Everyone suffers from this problem but that does not mean that overcoming procrastination can not be achieved. It takes a change in our attitude and control of will where hypnosis becomes a very useful tool.

Discover Your Mission in Life

Have you discovered your mission? Do you feel pulled to participate in your life full-out and freely? Many of you have heard me say how much fun I am having as a coach and how much I’m learning and growing by participating fully in my life. This didn’t happen overnight, nor has it happened without some effort on my part.

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself to Make More Confident Decisions

Life is a series of choices. How do you make a decision that you won’t later regret? If you’ve collected all your data, done your risk analysis, listed your pros and cons, and done all of the other logical steps…but you still feel hesitant, then go through this list of questions to see if you can answer them with confidence and clarity. If you can do so, then you will not regret your decision, because your choice is in line with your intuition.

Unmotivated? Stop “Should-ing” All Over Yourself

Are you beating the drum of shoulds and must dos instead of going after what you really want in life? Shoulds and must dos are the thoughts and belief systems of well-meaning yet often misguided parents, teachers and others who have guided you in the past. You are an adult now. You can be your own parent. You get to decide for yourself what you want to do, be or have instead of what you should or must do.

If the Leader Motivates the Team, Who Motivates the Leader?

Business is a mixture of opportunities and challenges. In order to deal with both, you must be able to keep your team motivated. It is also important to keep yourself motivated. So what is the answer to the question, “Who motivates the leader?”

Are You Settling? Or, Are You Living?

You must stop settling for less than your best. You must instead focus on what it will feel like when you “go for it!” and when you get it! If anything, now is the time to look life right in the eye and demand what you want.

How to Achieve Success

To arrive at the success place, at some point you must work long and hard. This may involve going beyond the usual 8/24 or 5 to 9. If you study the lives of successful people, you will discover that a good percentage of them paid the price in advance. This is one attribute of any endeavour worthwhile in life.

Oprah Winfrey Looks Fine to Me

As THE woman self-tasked with upholding the Woman’s Strength Movement, it is a little disturbing to hear Oprah Winfrey, complaining about her Weight again. Mainly, because she doesn’t look AT ALL bad to me. In fact, she reminds me a great deal, of my Mom. Let me explain.

How to Get and Stay Motivated

Do you feel like that guy, Sisyphus, who was forever pushing a rock up a hill? Sticking to your resolutions can feel like that. Here is what you should know to stay motivated, get over the hump and succeed in your goals.

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