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2008 – The Year You Finally Make It

Many folks have dreams and goals that are quite optimistic and yet somehow they are so elusive that the never achieve them. They believe they can achieve them, well, almost. It is widely known that to achieve you have to believe, but something is holding them back. Is it because they secretly deep down do not believe they deserve them? If not them then who deserves these joys of life?

Fish Your Wish

Whatever you focus on expands. So it’s better to think positive thoughts rather than always focusing on the negative.

Give Or Take?

The world would be a perfect place if each of us were granted the opportunity to work at our dream job making a monthly six figure salary. I am sure that given those circumstances most people would pour themselves passionately into the job, performing according to elevated standards of excellence resulting from a self-motivated outlook.

Power Talk – Self Communication to Drive You Through Life’s Most Pressing Demands

If you feel life is “pressing down” on you — how can you “push back”? I’m asked this question frequently, and my 30 year, high profile hypnotherapist advice is “Engage self communication which makes YOU stronger, more proactive, bold, and resolved. And I’ve composed an extreme inner power idea script here you can (and should) use to give yourself an inner edge in response to dealing with life’s ever escalating demands. Remember: Life is what it is; how you mentally engage it will ultimately determine what it becomes…for YOU! And so here now is the framework enabling you to you wholly strengthen YOUR life mind-set!

Don’t Be Fooled by Momentary Defeat – Pressing on to Victory

“The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.” -Robert G. Ingersoll. It may be difficult to learn, but training ourselves to not momentarily quit is a very worthwhile activity. And it is about training. It’s a habit. It’s about complaining less and getting on with the task at hand. It’s learning and applying resilience.

Concentrate in 2008

At the beginning of every year most people write down the things that they would like to achieve during the year. After a few weeks or sometimes even a few months they will lose track of their resolutions and slide backwards having made little progress on their goals and dreams for the year.

Be Great in 2008

Well, you are halfway through the year and I hope you are doing well, and I hope this article serves you well as you finish up 2008. You see, it is my hope to see that you will be great in 2008. I hope you will accomplish and achieve all of your goals and dreams that you had set forth at the beginning of the year. It is time for a little reassessment to see exactly where you are and where you need to go to finish up in a full stride toward the finish line.

Accelerate in 2008

We all know that the best way to accomplish your goals is to write them down and break them down into little pieces. In each one is a mini-goal and you can spread them out across the timeline of the year and work to achieve them incrementally. Perhaps, this year you have not accomplished all you wish to had or your dreams of goal seems so far away. Maybe even unattainable, but I am here to tell you today that your dreams are not on attainable, not all, not that far away.

Moving From Confusion to Action – Part 2 of 2

Is confusion preventing you from taking needed action? When we don’t take the necessary action in a timely manner, it can have negative consequences. Practicing the virtues of awareness, acceptance, reflection, and purity can help move us from confusion to action.

I AM RESOLVED! The Mind-Set That Conquers Adversity – And Prevails!

No more feeling sorry for yourself, no more getting frustrated or depressed, no more slumps, no more inconsistency, no more giving up, no more giving in! Through reading and internalizing the following article you’ll embody the mind-set existing within those who beat the odds – overcome life’s demands…and make it all the way to the top. Got motivation? After reading this article, you’ll find that it’s got YOU! Enjoy, and prosper!

Encouragement – We All Need It

If you are anything like me, then you want nothing but the best for your family and yourself, but sometimes being successful in life is not as easy as it seems. We tend to lose track of our vision for success, not because we are lazy or anything but because life isn’t always predictable. Obstacles in our lives can change the vision we have or even make us wanna give up on them.

Greatest Thing Anyone Can Do is to Continually Assess His Performance and Make Continual Improvement

What we do off the job determines how far we go on the job. Chances are superb that what you did off the job the job the day before vacation was simple; the night before you invested a few minutes and made a list what you must get done the next day. Then you prioritized that list and mentally said to yourself, “I must get this done tomorrow so that no one else has to do catch-up work for me while I’m gone.”

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