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Dreams Plus Action Equals Reality

How often have you had a daydream about a future you wish you were experiencing? What is the difference between that daydream and the life you are living? Fear of change often leaves us paralyzed and unable to move forward. Yet one step forward into the unknown could result in the realization of our dreams. Our own inaction is the only thing holding us back from the life we desire. Taking action is the only way to move forward changing dreams into reality. When I stepped onto the path of change it sent a ripple out that affected many people. I had been living in a cloud of confusion for nearly five years and I was afraid to be myself.

Motivation – What Can You Learn From the US Soccer Team?

I’m a big soccer fan. During the past few weeks I learned a lot from the sport I love. The U.S. soccer team has never been known as a power house. The U.S. is often the butt end of jokes in the great soccer countries of the world. It is considered a serious insult to lose to the U.S. team.

Self Confidence is the Key!

Confidence comes from knowing who you are, what your purpose in life is and a certainty in your abilities, gifts and skills. I actually think that a little cockiness might be a good thing. Not the in your face I am better than you attitude, but that thing that causes you to walk, talk and act differently. Confidence is not arrogance. Arrogance gives way to attitudes of superiority and self-importance and often is an overcompensation for something else that is missing.

Want Increased Productivity? You Need Motivation to the Letter

Many people do not view motivation from the right perspective; hence, they cheat themselves out of a powerful motivational tool which provides an edge for goal achievement and success. With so much emphasis on goal setting and goal achieving, I find it very interesting that many Graduate schools request potential students write a letter of motivation.

Overcome Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is the greatest enemy is human life. Successful people overcome fear easily but unsuccessful people think that fear of failure is something that they will not like to encounter. The following article will give you an overview on steps how you can overcome the fear of failure and move forward to achieve your success in life.

What is the Role of Brain Function in Motivation?

When our professor went to that part about the role of brain function in motivation, I just had to snap out of my unmotivated mood? What? There’s such a thing as a role of brain function in motivation? You have got to be kidding me!

The 2500 Calorie Day

How our brain works, and how we can have a better day by changing only a few thoughts. I spent most of my day today writing and reviewing web site copy. I noticed as the day progressed that I became more and more irritated. Not the irritation that you openly express and get rid of, the kind of irritation that lingers.

Ten Essential Strategies For Turning Vision Into Action

Those rare individuals who create lives which are the embodiment of their dreams and visions are at home in themselves and on the planet. At the times when you are turning your Vision into Action, you will be ‘being you.’ So by contrast, it can be really useful to look at the times when you are not ‘being you’ to be clear about when this is happening and how you are selling yourself short.

Can Motivational Thoughts Help When Motivation Flies Out the Window?

Ever since she was a child, Danielle had dreamed of becoming a painter and owning an art studio – a dream that had nothing to do with the law firm that her family ran. Today Danielle is a zombie working for her family’s law firm. Although she has good job performance, she just can’t put her heart and soul in it. Then, she was teeming with life and pulsating with motivation. Now, she is as animated as a brick. I had to motivate her once more.

Ready, Set, Start! – Keys to Doing What Successful People Do

The tittle came to me while I was lying in bed thinking of what the world might want to hear. Then it dawned on me, most people brainstorm, plan, prepare, plan some more, think about it, put things off, plan some more…I think you get the idea. This seems to be where most of us end up; almost like a stalled car. What use is it to us then? What use are we if we don’t get started?

How Inspirational Thoughts Maintain Motivation

The most difficult aspect of pursuing any goal is learning how to stay motivated. Inspirational thoughts are commonly used to remind you of the benefits you will receive once you’ve reached your desired objectives. Read on to see 3 very effective techniques you can use that’ll help you to stay motivated to successfully attain any goals you set for yourself.

Do You Get Offended When Being Overweight is Mentioned Anywhere?

This is a fantastic sign believe it or not! When you start getting offended and reacting, you are getting into a state of frustration – which is far better than taking a punch sitting down. You are realizing that you have a problem and it needs to be addressed NOW!

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