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Why You Should Sometimes Be Unrealistic

Everyone has a dream, and people often say that you should ‘follow your dreams.’ It is strange, however that when you tell most people your dreams they’ll tell you that they’re unrealistic, and that you should go and do something less risky.

Motivate Yourself to Change

Come on, admit it. You have wanted to make changes in your life but after a brief attempt you decide to give up and try again later. Most of us do this with dieting, saving, planning, goal setting, and so on.

Change Your Routine, Try Something New

Most people tend to resist making changes. They prefer to stay warmly nestled in their comfort zones and feel uneasy stepping out. How about you?

Keep Motivated – Tips to Keep Motivated While Expecting the Manifestation of Your Desire

The path on our journey, as we are working towards and expecting the manifestation of our desire, produces patience and endurance. But how do you keep motivated during the months and perhaps years of hoping and expectation? How do you keep the dream fire alive?

It’s Your Life, What Are You Waiting For?

Are you living your life the way you want? Have you secretly wished to start your own business, get to know the charming guy down the street, perform before a big audience, learn a foreign language, travel to that exotic place, volunteer your time for a favourite cause, climb a mountain, reconcile with a relative, walk in the rain…?

How to Motivate Yourself (By Using a Buddy)

For someone like me (who finds it very hard to be motivated naturally), I have what you might call a ‘love hate’ relationship with my lazy side. On one hand I LOVE being lazy; lying in bed all day and playing video games is awesome, but on the other hand I hate myself after I do this, as I know that I should be working instead or doing something useful (such as working out or cleaning my room).

The Perfect Past

Two nights ago, I found myself lying on my mother’s bed, looking at old photo albums. My daughter so lovingly said, “Mom, you were SO fat!” Well, she’s right.

Achieve Success and Live Your Life Your Way

As you read this you will have answered the question as to how you can become even more successful than you are now, or perhaps the answer to the question of why you are not as successful as you would like to be. You probably work hard; you stick to your plans and strategies. You might even make good progress only to find yourself back to where you started, or worse yet, a few steps behind where you were.

Another Wasted Resolution

Are your tired of making resolutions that you don’t keep? Are you sick of saying that you will achieve your dreams this year only to let them slip away again? Do you want change in your life? Do you want to be successful and have everything you have always wanted?

June – No Weapon Fashioned Against You Shall Prosper!

From childhood, I have learned about God’s unchanging and caring nature. My parents took time out to teach me about God, who created the heavens and the earth. As a young boy, even though I was stubborn to a level, I had reverential fear for God. Despite all that I could do then, I did not joke with the word of God and His commandments. At least I learned to recite some Bible verses and could go on and on to encourage my friends to do so.

Motivation – Simple Steps to Keep Yourself Motivated at Work

Knowing how to encourage yourself to keep motivated at your job or maintaining your employees motivated by seeing you motivated to do their job is not an easy task. This is an ongoing challenge that should be made a habit in your daily work skills.

Keep the Fire Burning

No, I’m not talking about the pit in the back yard or the woodstove in your home. I am talking about the fire within your soul!

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