EVERYTHING You’ve Been Taught About Manifesting Abundance IS WRONG!

Controlling Your Mind Power Does Not Have To Be Expensive

Controlling your mind power does not have to be expensive. The tool I used and recommended is a rubber band. You can buy a whole bag for less than a dollar! The work that you do is mental, and you are the only one who can do that work for you. It is unfortunate that in the world of today, most of us do not place value on anything unless we pay a great deal of money for it.

Bouncing Back

We all get to a point in our lives where we do hit the proverbial bottom. Whether it is a relationship, health or even finances when we hit bottom there is a lesson to be learned.

The Secrets of Life

This article explains exactly who you are and why you look the way you do, and it shows you how you can change everything. No operations, no exercise, no magic diets, and definitely no pain. Learn the secrets of life now.

When Life Throws You a Curve

What do you do when life throws you a curve? Do you throw your bat at the pitcher in a fit of anger? Or, does the crowd here the announcer shout, “It’s a swing and a miss?” Or, do you step back, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “Okay, let’s try that again.”

Motivating Yourself

Motivation is nothing but a peculiar quality or a trait with in everyone which helps us pushing forward in life towards our goals during the time of crisis. Motivation can act as a great remedy or help in making you realize that you CAN achieve in life whatever you aspire for irrespective of whatever negative forces are preventing you from doing that at any given time.

Put On Your Virtual Lab Coat

Looking at your life thus far, it’s likely that you can see where you experimented and where you didn’t – and chances are, where you didn’t was where you felt restricted, inhibited or constricted by something outside of yourself. If you have a feeling of not having a choice, it’s hard to imagine doing anything other than what you feel compelled to do. And yet, that is EXACTLY when you must!

The Hunch Factor

When is the last time you got a “hunch” and you followed it? Even more important, what happened the last time you got a hunch and you DIDN’T follow it?

Are You Having Trouble Getting Out Of Bed?

Is it a problem for you to get out of bed first thing in the morning? Are you slow at getting your day started?

Living According to Your Values, Valuing Your Life Accordingly

Our values drive our behaviour. We may value certain things highly, and really would like to be, do or have those things. How come then, that we so often don’t go for them? Is something else at play here?

How To Lead A Smoke Free And Healthy Life

Do you find that you cannot enjoy life as much as you want to because you lack energy? Is being short of breath holding you back? Do you miss having a good night’s sleep?

Does Motivational Speaking Work?

As part of my ongoing research into what works in the field of personal development and transformation, I’ve recently revisited a number of programs I listened to before becoming a coach. From my late 20’s onwards, I became increasingly fascinated by the field of personal development and while I was often inspired, I found that after a while I found myself drifting off back into my old habits and thought patterns. Listening to some of these programs, it because increasingly apparent that even though the very best of the motivational speakers admit that they often struggle to make a long-term impact on people.

Eliminating Procrastination

Here’s a confession for you — sometimes I don’t feel like working. I simply don’t want to answer e-mails or the phone. I don’t want to write or create lesson plans. And other times, I seriously don’t want to go to the gym.

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