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The Mystery of Mastering Motivation

Each of us, at one point or the other, could use an extra dose of motivation. Those of us building internet businesses are no exception. As you know, there is no easy “business in a box”.

In the Land of Unexpected Twists

Is this room getting smaller or is my vision getting bigger? I find myself using humor to keep me from sinking like the titanic deep into the sea of professional discontentment. Occasionally, I throw myself a lifeline of idle conversation just to keep breathing between board meetings.

Six Powerful Steps to High Levels of Motivation

It is a well established fact that success in life goes most frequently not to the most deserving, the best looking or even the most intelligent. Instead, it goes to the person with the greatest amount of drive and motivation. Here are your six step to high levels of motivation.

An Everyday Angel

Arriving on the scene of a terrible car accident I had the opportunity to be an everyday angel to a woman who was injured and alone. The simple act of being present with this person became a spiritual experience for both of us. Everybody can be somebody’s angel.

Are You Afraid to Go Into the Water?

Even though I grew up on one of the Great Lakes, I did not learn to swim as a child. My wife, who is a good swimmer, and I made sure our children learned to swim. My own efforts have been hampered by something I had not counted on–fear of the water.

Amazing at Any Age

Just because you are married and have kids doesn’t mean your life needs to be on hold. NOW is the time to reclaim what’s yours. Drop the “I’m too old” excuse. Haven’t you heard that forty is the new thirty? You’ve got nothing but time on your side. You can be amazing at any age.

How to Be an Olympian in Life

If you want to be the best then you need to follow the actions of olympians and other champions. You should begin studying the success of others, focus, and start making changes in the small things that will help move you towards being a champion in life.

Quick Motivation Tips to Get You Through the Day

We all have those days where we look at our to-do list and cringe because the tasks seem insurmountable. But if we could turn to quick motivations, we might be able to turn the thought process around and get more done.

Is There Any Difference Between Failure and Success?

Do you think there’s a difference between failure and success? The obvious answer from many would be yes. What if I was to say there isn’t a difference between failure and success, would you still think there is?

Emotional Spending – Do Not Become a Victim

Have you ever thought about the process of spending money? If you do the research before you spend on big ticket items by comparison shopping, looking for sales, searching for on-line coupons, and checking with consumer report websites for knowledgeable recommendations; then you are a savvy spender, and your money is working for you.

Listen to Yourself – You Know What’s Best For You

As a Life Coach, I often hear people complain that they aren’t happy with the way their lives are. Some feel stuck in a job they have no passion for and dread going to day after day. Others feel alone and bored even when they’re in relationships and constantly surrounded by people.

2008 Tips For the Winner

The winner is the man who refuses to surrender, show me a bad loser, and I’ll show you the inner winner. A winner knows how to accelerate into the future and never ever look back, he could care less when persnickety malcontents attack. A winner knows he will win before the battle starts he sees it in his mind and can feel it in his heart.

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