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Motivation Keys – How to Increase Motivation

Motivation is necessary for hitting goals and accomplishing tasks in your life. This article gives you ways to increase your motivation.

Words Of Motivation: Dealing With Constant Change

Until fairly recently technology changed very slowly if at all. For hundreds of years travelling just a few miles was a great adventure to the average man and horses or oxen ploughed the land. Indeed the whole Imperial measurement system was based on the operation of ploughing.

How to Blaze Your Own Path and Release Your Inner Prowess

Do you find yourself at times shaking your head at situations you encounter where you just want to say: “I thought we were out of the dark ages.” Well, it’s been one of those weeks for me. I just finished Gloria Steinem’s book: “Revolution from Within: a Book of Self-Esteem.”

Increase Work Productivity Today

Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution and found yourself abandoning, or worse, forgetting about it even before the mid year comes? Is it hard for you to sustain interest and momentum when it comes to long term goals?

Business Motivational Speakers – Turning Laggards Into Standout Performers

Motivational speakers motivate people by conjuring up a dream before them and then telling them how it is possible to turn that dream into reality. Read on to learn how they motivate people to perform to their potential and help business organizations get better work from their workforce.

“No” Is Not Always the Final Answer

We should do the right things, and do things for the right reasons. When it seems there is no way to do the right thing, the way of question and challenge opens up. That “No” could invariably become a “Yes.”

Looking At Worry and Fear In A Positive Light

Life is too short to get too worried and apprehensive about the future. This article will share with you various coping mechanisms to fight against worry and fear. Take a positive attitude and approach to the problem and relax a little, these can bring about positive changes in your outlook on life.

Do You Really Expect To Change

The power of self-expectation is an amazingly high determinate of change. Basically, if you really, really believe that you are going to change, you probably will… no matter what it is you’re thinking of changing and no matter how hard it is.

Hitting the Ground Running

In the recruitment ‘space’ all employers are looking for staff who can hit the ground running. But that’s not what this is about. Realising our deepest, most elusive goal is about hitting the ground running with positivity, excitement, life – to shut out the darkness of previous failures with a million lux of light!

Words For Motivation – The Road To Personal Power

Setting goals and making plans to achieve those goals is great, but it is only part of the whole story. The real challenge comes when you start putting your plan in to action. This is the test. This is where you realise how easy or difficult it is to implement your plan. This article is designed to give you words for motivation, and help you to keep going in the direction of your goal at those times when you feel like giving up.

Motivation Is Not Enough

Zig Ziglar made a keen observation on motivation saying “Motivation doesn’t last, it’s true, but neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily”. However, if you are relying on motivation alone to push you into action, the chances are that you’ll give up when you encounter one of the many speed-bumps that life has a habit of throwing in your path.

6 Motivation Quotes to Read for Inspiration

It is a common thing to feel down and out from time to time. We need motivation. Motivational quotes can give you the inspiration that you need to get up and get going.

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