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The Motivating Force That Drives You

Everyone one of us needs that special “something” to drive us to success. What is your motivating force?

Greatness Is Not Always So Obvious, But It Makes the Difference!

There are times in our lives when an incident takes place that causes us to reflect and such an incident occurred in my life yesterday. A great friend of mine is very ill and is entering the last phases of what has been a torrid battle with a life threatening illness. I am deeply sad, and, in truth, somewhat fearful of getting the inevitable call that will tell me that his battle is over. Why am I fearful? Because this man has greatly influenced me in many different ways and has been a wonderful source of inspiration, learning and counsel. He has always been there when I needed him, and he has always cared!

The Problem Can Become the Possibility

Problems continue to crop up in our lives. They always will. Problems are opportunities to grow and expand into who and what we are meant to be. They are a chance to move to greater heights. It may be what was planned in the beginning of time. We are on an upward spiral toward a greater you and a greater me. We can never go back even though it may look as if we’re not making any progress. We can never unlearn what we have learned.

Wealth’s Equation

What is true wealth? At first glance, the definition of wealth seems simple enough. Wealth equals money and all the material things it can buy. However, if we look more closely, we find that the topic is more complex and is not just a number in our bank book.

You Need It – I Need It – Here Are Ways To Immediately Motivate Yourself And Achieve Success

Motivation is the driving force that brings people to amazing success and fulfillment in their lives. Feeling true motivation is like having something that burns inside of us and fuels us to accomplish our goals, and achieve things that are most important to us in life. If your life is not where you want it to be right now and you need some help, here are some tips that will help get you out of rut, and compel you to move forward.

Just Do It

When are you going to get off your butt and stop making excuses? When are you going to walk the talk?

Others Did it For You and Me

When it comes to mankind’s destiny, as it pertains to the future of our race, this “bag of mostly water” has no choice but to authenticate the distinct fact that I have absolutely no solid or illuminating idea as to what it is. Speaking of facts, my son and daughter-in-law (both of whom I am extremely proud), will be happy to relate that when they toss my bones into a bone box, throw it into a lusterless hole somewhere with a collection of other cadavers, tell all remaining folks what a sweet, holy, innocent, pure…

Where is Your Starship?

As far as this dude (trying to be modern) can ascertain, the “Enterprise” is the most sublime, magnificent, grandiose, famous, and significant starship that mankind has come up with. Naturally, it doesn’t really exist, except in the movies, my mind, and my imagination. Years ago, where my younger self gallivanted to Florida in an old pick-up truck, one of the first beaches I actually enjoyed was on Anna Marie Island on the Gulf.

One Man’s Dreams For the Future

Thanks to the United States Military, I live under the flag of freedom – the American Flag! And my happy self can therefore plan what I wish to do with the rest of my life. Also, I happen to be extremely fortunate in the fact that I have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law, (I consider her my daughter now), and a great relationship with them.

Super Motivation – The Quickest Way to Success

Motivation is a word that has been used extensively in recent years. Motivational speakers are everywhere and dozens of motivational books are published every month. Super Motivation is a driving force, a fire within a person that gives him or her the passion and enthusiasm to reach the highest levels of a sport, a profession, or other endeavor. This article shows you how to achieve it.

Motivation – Personal

We can read a thousand of self help books, and study motivation for years but how does all this knowledge translate into our own self motivation. This is different than teaching someone else, as with personal motivation it is us that has to actually put the work in.

Set Your Internal Flame For Greater Productivity and Motivation

We need to know what intensity level makes us perform our best and what makes us choke. Our intensity level, our internal flame should also be set at the right level to prevent burnout.

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