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Biblical Principles of Success – Eight Power Quotes

I believed the lie that in order to succeed in life you need to work harder, but it is not the hardest working individual that is rewarded the best. For a long I was wondering why all the toil, being busy, hoping from job to job did not yield desired results. I then discovered the truth that I cannot make it using my own wisdom or the best of my knowledge. The best of your knowledge is not good enough. I share some helpful principles that have liberated my thinking and transformed how I now do things.

8 Steps To Stay Excited

Excitement will take you a long ways towards hitting your goals. Excitement is also the key ingredient in attracting people to you in your personal or business life. Staying excited creates a positive mindset which allows you to remain focused at all times.

The Power Of Perseverance – How To Tap This Power?

Perseverance is a term which is often casually used. It is considered something routine. It is this casual attitude about perseverance that has made us neglect this trait. What is perseverance. It means keeping up your efforts. It means pursuing a goal till you reach it or till the time you are convinced that it cannot be reached.

How to Stay Motivated at Work – Set Goals

It’s too easy to lose your motivation for a project whether at home or at work so it’s important to develop ways to keep on track and stay motivated until you complete what you plan to do. The way to do this is to be sure you have set suitable goals. These must be small enough goals to complete in a day and then each of the small goals will build towards achieving the big goal after a period of time.

A Cooperative Climb

Participation in a co-creative community can be looked at as a cooperative climb. The camaraderie of encouragement and appreciation creates great teamwork.

Perseverance – A Neglected Skill

In modern management literature, strategy is given an important place. For achieving any result application of the right strategy is considered the most important step. But I feel that perseverance is the most basic of all strategies.

What Is Your Motivation and What Does It Matter?

The world is full of negativity. It spreads like wildfire from one bad apple to all the good ones in the barrel. With few exceptions, it is difficult to find a negative millionaire. To the contrary, wealthy people often are humble, giving and extremely positive individuals.

The Effects of a Power Outage – Light-En Up, Power-Up and Be Nice!

There is still much uncertainty out there as we continue to turn the corner of this recession. We don’t have much control over what’s happening in the economy or job market, so remember – we can’t rule the world, but we can control our piece of it!

Heart Songs

If you are anything like me, you have an almost-automatic tendency to discount and sidebar an awful lot of the “not familiar” that makes itself known in the span of your day. “Foolish” or “stupid” are words that seem to float to consciousness in an autopilot sort of way. I don’t think this is so much a judgment call as possibly just an “overload” call because things are changing and moving so darned fast.

Things Do Need to Change

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.” There’s been a lot of talk about anxiety and stress in the media and among people. It seems that more and more are experiencing a great deal of stress as a result of life choices, or perhaps a lack of choices. Just yesterday I was speaking with a gentleman who told me, very confidently, that he really had no choice but to accept his life the way it is. I listen to people of all ages tell me that they have to “stay the course” and that they cannot change things.

Stop Complaining – Start Living

What do you find yourself complaining about? The weather, the city you live in, your job, your spouse, the opposite sex, life, your weight, people, the economy, your finances. The list is endless. Yet, the more you stay stuck in complaining the more you drain your life force to make a positive change.

What Are the Recurring Themes in Your Life?

There are two answers I seem to hear from students and clients of all ages. The first is “fear.” The second is “stress” and/or “worry.” In life coaching I work with individuals to help them clarify who they are and what they are about. Life coaching identifies the obstacles and challenges that prevent us from developing successful relationships in our professional and personal lives. I work with individuals to help them create a life they love. Life coaching can provide opportunities to learn more about what is in your heart and head and help you discover the connection.

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