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One Hour in An Abandoned Warehouse – What’s On Your Mind?

You sit on a box on the 12th floor of a dirty, damp abandoned warehouse. No one is around though you hear the sounds of life in the city below. Alone for an hour, all you have to do is think. What would you spend that time thinking about?

Adult ADD-Steps to Increased Creativity

ADD-friendly systems often involve delegating the boring things that ADD people don’t like to do, and sometimes, that involves paying someone to do those things.

When Your Heart Aches

When I was a child, my Dad read me the story of “Heidi,” by Johanna Spyri. I doubt there were many illustrations in the book, but the pictures in my own mind were vivid.

Top Of The Class

Top of the Class – Applying what we learned from Superbowl XLI to every day life

Song of The Year And Its Lessons

Lessons from this year’s Grammy awards; how the Dixie Chicks’ persistence paid off in a coveted award and the lesson for personal achievement that it teaches.

Chasing Our Tails

They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. That’s what many of us do. We know it’s dumb. But we do it anyway.

Do You Need A Change?

If you’re current routine is not bringing you the results that you desire, then it’s time to move out of your comfort zone! It’s time for a change in your life!

Are You Satisfied?

Personal development and self growth is an ongoing journey. Growing, learning and developing as people and building a better life are basic human needs. If we can accept the things we can’t control, we’ll be much happier and we’ll have more strength to work towards the things that matter most to us where we can make a difference,

Overcome Procrastination: A Practical Guide to Beating Procrastination

Are you bogged down by detail? Overwhelmed? Too many distractions? Not enough time? Keep putting things off? You can overcome procrastination. This article shows you how.

The Dead End of Resistance

Are you stuck in your life feeling alone, lonely, and empty? Have you tried various therapies yet nothing changes? Learn how the fear of being controlled may be causing an inner power struggle that is keeping you stuck.

Perspectives from the Bathroom Mirror

When you look into your bathroom mirror, what do you see? Are your eyes drawn to a flaw? Sometimes the flaws require our attention. But the magic is in seeing a bigger picture.

Know More Do More

We stress to our children the importance of education but some how we forget its importance as we grow up. We know that we should read but always seem to find ways not to. How are you going to be successful in life when you will not pick up a book and read it?

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