Face Your Fears! – Lewis Howes – #Shorts

Five Basic Needs, Motivation and Visualization

There are many theories on human needs. Among all of them, the Maslow needs’ hierarchy theory is best known and respected. Understanding this theory will help know how to make up the strategy to motivate ourselves and others.

Passport to Success

What is success and how do we achieve it?

3 Ways to Create a Motivational Collage

One powerful collage theme is motivation! But in order to create a motivational theme you first need to write down a goal. Start with a simple goal that relates to something personal that you are working to toward.

Getting Past Should

Many people “guilt” themselves into action. But as a motivational strategy it’s on the lowest end of the evolutionary scale. This article identifies six different motivational strategies, starting with least to most powerful. If you’re ready to get off the self-induced guilt trip and empower yourself to make stronger, more confident decisions then it’s time to “get past should.”

The Social Sheep

Dogs are neuro-surgeons compared to sheep. And while it’s clear that a dolphin will win a Nobel Peace Prize one day, yer average sheep has about two thoughts a year… and that’s usually something like: “Hey Harry, are you done eating that patch of grass?” Sure, they’re cute, they’re woolly and they make great Ugg boots (I know I’m gonna get in trouble for that – but it’s so worth it) but there ain’t gonna be a sheep graduating from Harvard Law School any time soon. Unfortunately for us, it seems that our woolly friends have a human counterpart. For the purposes of this discussion, I’m gonna call him (and her) the social sheep.

Short Sleeves Insights – The Mouse And The Cheese!

I left the woods for as good a reason as I went there. Perhaps it seemed to me that I had several more lives to live, and could not spare any more time for that one…

Maybe the Beatles Were Right

Wanna find someone who’s poor and happy… no problem. Someone who’s fat and happy… no problem. Someone who’s physically or intellectually handicapped and happy… no problem. Someone who is intelligent, wealthy, good looking, unloved and happy… nuh. Ain’t gonna happen.

Watch Your Mouth – Do You Listen To What You Say Out Loud To Yourself Or Others?

Focusing on the words you use with yourself and others, every day, is a different process from “positive thinking.” Words are powerful; they constantly affect our environment. Our lives today are a reflection of our previous words and thoughts.

Morning Rituals – How to Start Your Day?

Transitional rituals are those rituals that are called in to support a transition. Marriage is such a transitional ritual and so is the (fe)male bonding night before. The function is to help with a fresh start and to end a previous stage. A same kind of ritual could help you start a new day. You need to do only two things, finish the previous day (night) and energize yourself for the new one.

A Story On Courage – Helen Adams Keller

To many people, Helen Adams Keller is a symbol of courage and ray of hope.

Excuse Me While I Sing Into My Hairbrush

Kids sing into their hair brushes, choreograph their own dance routines, become their favourite super-hero, build castles out of sand and junk; they express themselves fearlessly. We ‘grown-ups’ worry about what people think of our castles.

Short Sleeves Insights – I’ll Meet You There!

Constantine Cavafy was born in 1863 and is considered one of the Mediterranean’s greatest poets. He was born in Alexandria, and lived there most of his 70 years. I found one of his most well known works again.

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