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Is Your Conversation With Yourself, Serving You?

Research shows that we are talking to ourselves every waking moment and even during some of the time, when we are sleeping. It shows that there is an on-going dialogue, which we hold with ourselves, about everything going on. I am sure that you are no different and that you are also conducting a running dialogue with yourself, every moment of every day.

3 Effective Self-Motivation Techniques For Greater Success

In this article you are going to discover three extremely effective self-motivation techniques that will have you working with more drive and dedication than you have ever experienced before. The best thing is that the skills you are about to learn can be applied immediately, and you will become instantly more self-motivated.

Tomorrow Is Yesterday Before You Know It

Yesterday – a distant memory. Tomorrow filled with promise, opportunity and whatever you choose to bring to it. Yes, we create each of our tomorrows and as a result all of our yesterdays regardless of whether they are filled with wonderful happy memories or grief, sorrow and any other negative emotion.

What Isn’t Growing Is Deteriorating

The law of entropy explains that everything in the universe is on the move from order to disorder. If you aren’t working on the most important things in your life, they’re deteriorating; whether it’s health, relationships, or career. Whatever is not growing is deteriorating.

The Ripple Effect

Trust me there are ripples to every event, decision, action, word spoken and even not spoken. These ripples can last for years and touch many people in the process. And yes, there are both positive and negative ripples as we go through our days and years.

Can You Earn a Living Doing What You Love?

Self-knowledge has and always will remain the key to becoming the type of person you need to become, to attract the type of success you desire. So the greater your commitment towards your life long “Personal Development”. The greater will be the success you will be able to attract into your experience.

If Not You – Then Who?

Most people believe that there is something lacking in their lives, they either have a lack of money, romance, success or joy that is holding them away from discovering true happiness, meaning and fulfillment. The key to changing this is to accept that greatness exists in all of us and that all you have to do is look inside yourself and find a way to pull that greatness out. You truly are magnificent, believe it and the abundance which is all around, will become available to you.

Give Me Motivation: Top 10 Secrets to Stay Motivated

Having dreams and goals is not enough to attain success. You need to stay motivated constantly to reach the finish line. Like life, success in your profession also involves a lot of obstacles and struggling phases.

Do You REALLY Appreciate All You Have?

You are so privileged to be alive at the best time ever. You have so much abundance around you and in you. Are you truly grateful for all you have?

Unleash Your Inner Champion

Imagine, what it would be like, if you were forced to watch a continuously repeating vivid movie, at the end of your life. Depicting the life you could have lived, had you, believed in your dreams and had the vitality and foresight to take the daily action you needed to take to succeed? I could not imagine a worse sort of torment or torture than that.

How Physical and Mental Activities Help Autoimmune Patients Thrive

If you are reading this, it is likely that you or someone dear to you has an autoimmune disease, and you would like some answers about coping. Autoimmune diseases are confusing as they play tricks on our immune systems, fighting against instead of for the patients. Since a compromised immune system can be responsible for at least eighty forms of illness, I will not attempt to list them. Knowing which ones a patient has is the job for the patient and the doctor. My purpose is to present steps to take and attitudes to maintain that will make life more rewarding in spite of the culprits.

It’s 2013: Are You Making the Impossible Possible?

Are you making excuses or are you creating success? Stop the negative talk and become possible today!

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