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10 Essentials For A Positive Mindset

To conduct a, “check up from the neck up” and question the information you are receiving into your mind becomes mandatory if you want to move from a life of mere survival to become significantly successful. In the pursuit of an excellent life there’s no room for small thinking. There’s no space for those that live out of their memory as opposed to using their imagination to create the future that they envisage. Small thinking forces you to live in fear, beneath your privileges and behind on your goals and dreams. Negative thoughts afflict everyone on a daily basis.

10 Facts About Dreams

Before I share the ten facts about dreams, I would like to pay tribute to all the dreamers over the centuries were at one time laughed at for dreaming about the possibility of inventing things we now take for granted such as, the light bulb, the steam engine, the automobile, the telephone, the cellphone, the personal computer. The list of what has been invented is endless, but I believe that there is so much more that needs to be invented and created and we all wait for you to dream it because that is your assignment. I also am persuaded that the story of the creation is not yet complete as there are some things that need to be created. It all starts with the dream that you carry in your heart. Treasure it and at the appointed time, unleash it.

The Nine Factors of ‘Away From Motivation’ – Fear of Loss

In a previous article, we have discussed what toward motivation is. It is where you are motivated by the desire for gain or you move towards what you want in life. There is also away from motivation, which is also known as the fear of loss. Both are great tools that you can use to achieve success in your life. Each person is motivated by different things, so you will have to find which one works for you.

Finding Your Emotional Hot Button – The Story of James Usher

Finding your emotional hot button is a key to achieving success. Unless you know the reason why you want to achieve the goal or outcome you do, you will not have enough fuel to the fire to keep you going. Your reason why will be your motivation. You must define your own hot buttons in order to achieve success. Your hot buttons will be key tools you can use in your journey.

The Purpose-Vested Life

Work – or a passion – is rather a suitable distraction from an oft-confusing life that will have us belching in despair without it and the meaning it provides. This article includes a poem.

How to Change Your Attitude and Habits During Financial Crisis

Nobody likes to have financial burden. During economy crisis, many people strive hard to become debt free but they fail. In most of the cases, there is nothing wrong with the financial solutions they apply. The key issue here is the ATTITUDE of a person. Many people who are drowned in debt do not have positive attitude in facing their problems. They feel depressed and they blame other people. Some even claim that their luck is bad when they have been retrenched and they are unwilling to look for new jobs.

10 Things Uncommonly Successful People Know About Gratitude

Gratitude has nothing to do with how much somebody has given you or has done for you. It is an attitude that shows appreciation for everything no matter how small. Truly blessed people understand the value of gratitude and are always the first to recognize a good act and reward it.

Imagine With Me, Will You?

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like completely free from self-sabotage, self-criticism, and self-doubt? Being totally free from these behaviors will completely transform your life and business in the most unbelievable way.

The 4 Ways to Use Motivation to Achieve Success

The first type of motivation, moving towards what you want or the desire for gain, is a great skill you can use to achieve success. There are a few main parts of the desire to gain that motivate people. We are going to look at what those four main parts are and how you can use them to achieve success in your life.

I’m Getting Skinnier and People Are Getting Nicer

There is no getting around the fact that thin, attractive people get ahead in everything. How do you cope with that, it’s simple.. don’t lie to yourself about this cold hard truth, just accept it and move on.

Achieving Total Freedom

Scarcely do we even realise, freedom’s our beckon call. Stifled by very many senses of captivity we don’t see what is right there in front and all around us. Tricked, we don’t live the free life – the life God came to give us, freely.

Understanding Motivation and How It Works With People

You need to understand what exactly motivation is and how it works with people. Do you know how people are motivated? Do you know what motivates people? These are essential questions that you must know the answer to in order to use motivation as a tool to achieve success.

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