Fight Club Author Chuck Palahniuk on Life, Death and Finding Meaning In Your Life

Breaking Through To Balance

Being in balance in all areas of our lives is a perennial topic for discussion and contemplation. Often we may find ourselves over-committed, under-rested, over-fed yet under nourished, generally or very specifically unhealthy in some way and the key to clarity and wellness turns out to be that magic word – Balance.

A Bounty of Blessings

Blessings like butterflies come to us and often catch us unawares. How many times have we heard the words “Count your blessings!”? When we take the time to become consciously aware, to slow down, to breathe, we are able to make the space in our lives to truly acknowledge all the many ways that we have been blessed. As we count our blessings we automatically create an energetic link to Spirit which activates an infinite feedback loop that garners us greater and greater blessings to count.

Being Motivated Everyday

Regardless of what you do for a living staying motivated will always make the journey toward success more fun. It is almost impossible to achieve any worthwhile goal without staying motivated. Although, you may have precisely written goals and your plan of action is perfectly etched in stone, motivation will give you the energy to keep moving toward the finish line when you hit the rough spots on your journey to success. In addition to staying energized, motivation increases your ability to stay focus. Staying motivated is an essential element in goal achievement, but it is not always easy to keep the fires of excitement ignited, especially when things don’t go as planned. The tips listed in this article will help you increase your motivation:

How To Develop The Motivation Of A Champion

What motivates you to action? Do you have the thoughts of a champion or the thoughts of a competitor? What makes a champion? Discipline, Dedication and Determination… that’s what makes a champion.

Feeling Good In Your Own Skin

Whether it’s working our bodies, the food we eat, what we read, or what we watch, many are the inputs toward the outcome of feeling good in our own skin… The older we get the more important it is to feel truly good on the inside. This has both physical and spiritual connotations – and all between, to the mental and emotional also.

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

“I believe there’s a calling for all of us. I know that every human being has value and purpose. The real work of our lives is to become aware and awakened to answer the call”. Oprah Winfrey. After taking some time off to “find myself” I realized that being able to know exactly what you are really meant to do here on earth is a process that may take some time. There are people who know their life’s calling right from when they were youngsters while some found themselves as they grew older. Sadly, some people will never find themselves and may keep trying to figure out their purpose.

Three Principles for Healthy Retirement Living

Three principles for living a healthy, long and motivated life in retirement. Keep focused on what’s important and don’t overdo or obsess about stuff. Do what you love, but don’t do too much of it!

Weightlifting and Life – Slow, Focused and Success Will Follow

This article discusses weightlifting, but that is a metaphor for life. Slow, focused and concentrated efforts will bring you to victory.

How to Rekindle Your Lost Motivation

Finding or replenishing your lost motivation can be a difficult task for anybody and especially internet marketers during the holiday seasons! Read more to discover 5 ways setting brand new goals, at least for the short term, will greatly benefit online entrepreneurs trying to simply get back on track!

Strengthened by Mountain-Melting Faith

We have all had our mountainous problems; issues in life that surmounted our ability to believe we could either endure or find a way through them. We have learned the hard way to doubt the faithfulness of God. We learned at these times that short-sightedness sells out too early; that remaining in the LORD, in patience and in fortitude, is actually the only way through.

“Will Power” Will Power You

You may be a wealthy person. But you cannot bear the pain, physical or mental sufferings. But your will power makes this possible. The power of your will or mind is so amazing which none of us realizes at any time.

Motivation, Self Improvement, and Reaching Goals Leads to Success in Life

Motivation has plenty to do with self improvement and reaching targets. A typical description of what motivation means is “some factor that moves us to accomplish our goals.” In addition, motivation establishes where we target our habits or behaviors. Furthermore, there are countless ways we are influenced to become stimulated as well. For example, money is a definite motivator for most individuals. Unfortunately or fortunately, we can be stimulated to go the permissible or the illicit course where money is concerned. The other side of the continuum is when motivation is instigated primarily from within, such as when we have an innate expertise for something. This aspect varies considerably from individual to individual.

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